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By: 20-sim  11-11-2011

For academic and educational institutes, schools and universities there is a unique offer: the 20-sim Classroom Kit. A 20-sim Classroom Kit allows you to use as many copies of 20-sim as you like, both at the Laboratory and for students and members of the Laboratory at home.

A Classroom Kit has several advantages:

  • The price:
    • € 4000.- for a Classroom Kit of 20-sim Professional.
    • € 2000.- for a Classroom Kit of 20-sim Standard.
  • No additional costs: The price is a onetime payment, no maintenance costs are required.
  • Number of users: unlimited.
  • Time: the period of validity is unlimited
  • Use: at the laboratory and at home by members of the laboratory and students.

A Classroom Kit has two restrictions:

  • Use: the Classroom Kit may only be used as part of the regular work of the laboratory and the regular education given by the laboratory.
  • For the use by students and members of the laboratory at home a time limited license is issued. Controllab Products takes care that every year an update of this license is shipped to the laboratory.

A classroom kit should not be confused with an university license. The classroom kit is only valid for a laboratory of a department of an academic institute.

Please contact Controllab Products for an offer or a free test license for the 20-sim Classroom Kit.

The information in this article was current at 08 Nov 2011

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