Stationery Manager

By: Tomcat Software  05-27-2009
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Stationery Manager is an efficient tool for the control and management of company stationery and or consumables. By using Stationery Manager, you will never;

-Over spend or have too much stock on hand
-Run out of stationery
-Have an excess of one item and not enough of another
-Pay excessive pricing as a result of crisis buying
-Reduce shrinkage (which is higher than realised)

By using Stationery Manager, your company is guaranteed to operate your stationery (or consumables) more efficiently and save money in the process, by;Controlled purchasing which also offers greater accuracy and time saved
Engenders respect for company assets (stationery) from employees
Ascertaining where your stationery goes by the recording of issue’s
Conserve cash flows by ordering, “just in time”
Concise and simplified reporting for management accounts and yearly financials
Instant determination of inventory values for financials
Sophisticated order processing methods based on minimum stock requirements
The control given will eliminate shrinkage.  A client survey indicated that up to 22% of stationery was taken for home use by employees!

Allocate to departmental codes when issuing stock
Simple importing and exporting to and from an external accounting system
Allow users to place their stationery orders from their terminals, saving time and money
Orders automatically created and emailed to the suppliers
Get competitive pricing as orders can be emailed to various suppliers for quotations
Creates supplier orders
Converts orders received to stock
Hierarchy of stock items for different levels of management.

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