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By: Tomcat Software  05-27-2009
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Home Manager

Home Manager is an easy to use software program that records the many household items such as contacts, anniversaries, medical records, exam dates and even recipes.  You can store (for easy retrieval) notes on service providers, such as plumbers, carpet cleaners, hardware stores, electricians, and record previous work standards and costs.  It is an easy and fun way to improve household information efficiency, through the simple location of information when required, and to be reminded of important dates. 

Home Manager is user friendly and very simple to use.  It produces printouts such as:
-lists of recipes, to pass on to friends
-lists of assets
-birthdays or other important dates for the coming month
-medications and practitioners
-list service providers and many more, which can be tailored to your needs

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Surprise and please your friends by always remembering their birthdays - how can you forget when they pop up on the screen on the correct date?   It even reflects the zodiac sign of the birthday person along with a description of the star sign, which may help in understanding that person’s character!

There are many insurance types and the average household has 8 different policies operating at any one time. Keeping track of these is important and warrants close attention.  The ACTION dates will give reminders when to renew a policy or when one lapses.  In the free typing space you can store broker details or where policies are physically kept, perhaps recording specific clauses in the policy that you need to take note of.

Should the head of the household pass away, the lot of the remaining family members can be made easier with a concise list of policies and processes that they can follow to ensure faster claims. 
Home Manager Stores information in simple to identify categories as the following screen reflects the main options:

Household Assets
Create a list of all assets for insurance purposes.  Imagine if you are unfortunate enough be burgled?  Some householders only notice missing items (such as a ring) weeks after the insurance claim has already been processed. The asset register is also handy for personal balance sheets.  You can record all tools and machinery from the garage.  Asset values can be totalled in the asset reports.

Home Maintenance
This is for household service providers, from plumbers, carpet cleaners, hardware stores, to tree loppers.  In the free typing space you can record levels of service, service history and cost.

As the caregiver and protector of your loved ones, keeping a medical register is important.
In it you can record practitioners’ details, pharmacies telephone numbers, medication that is required by family members, with pertinent information such as - side effects or symptoms of side effects - when a particular medication’s use must be discontinued, etc.  A list of generics may save money if recorded, or things like which medication to give children in times of need.

Recipes and Sub Recipes
Enter your favourite recipes under the relevant heading; fish, desserts, etc.  Use the free typing page to record the cooking instructions.  Cut and paste these and email to your friends.

Contact Info
This is a personal address book, but has the added benefit of the free typing space where you can record information pertinent to the contact.

The miscellaneous category allows for the collation of other information that does not fit any other section.  For instance it can be used to record:-

TV programme dates
Plot where information is stored on your computer
What the next doors neighbour’s alarm number is, for when they are away
Your preferred holiday destinations, including directions, booking details, etc
The placement of traffic speed traps
School holidays and activities – exam time-tables, sports matches
Social engagements
Veterinary requirements, dates of next vaccinations
Any deadlines
Household maintenance, i.e. to remind you when to clean gutters prior to the rainy season etc.
Passport and pin numbers with reminder dates for expiry.

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