Solar water heating systems

By: Makhado Solar  01-20-2011
Keywords: Solar Panels, solar water heating, Heat Pumps

 There are two types of solar water heating systems:

·         Active - have circulating pumps and controls,

·         Passive – no circulating pumps and controls and work by means of thermo syphon action. 

Each of the above comes in Indirect or Direct configurations.  An Indirect System has an antifreeze fluid circulating in the manifold whereby the hot fluid circulates between the collectors and around the geyser transferring heat to the water in the geyser – these systems are usually installed in geographic areas where there is a high level of scale in the water, known as “hard” water and also require regular maintenance for maximum efficiency.  In a Direct System water circulates in the manifold and gets stored directly in the geyser – this is the most common and effective configuration and requires virtually no maintenance. 

    • We offer Evacuated tube heat pipe collectors, solar flat plate collectors and heat pumps.

Keywords: Heat Pumps, solar, Solar Panels, Solar Water Heaters, solar water heating