Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid Inverter from East Power Africa

By: East Power Africa  02-16-2016
Keywords: Hybrid Inverter, Alternative Energy Source, Solar Inverter

We stock the following sizes: 2 000W/ 3 000W Features: • Personalized design features to meet different customer’s needs. • Isolated transformer design to ensure safe use of electricity. • Multi-lingual LCD display, easy to operate. • Efficient battery management, charging current can be set • Reverse battery alarm & protection • PV reverse protection • Efficient energy storage charging mode and charging management system. • Energy saving mode, no load consumption less than 1% • Advanced MPPT algorithm. • Staggering power storage and generation Product Specifications: • Rated power: 2KW/ 3KW • Output PF: 1.0 • DC voltage: 48Vdc • Piece/cell: 4x12V/ 24x2V • Working mode: Grid-tie mode/ anti-flow back can be set • Time control: Energy saving priority/ power supply priority/ AC charging time can be controlled PV Input • Max input voltage: 150Vdc • Optimum operating voltage: 65-120Vdc • Maximum conversion efficiency: ≥97% • Max charging current: 50A/ 62KW • Recommended maximum PV power: 3000W/ 3500W AC Input • Input voltage range: Single phase 230V±15% • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz • Frequency range: 50/60Hz ± 5% • Power factor:≥ 0.98 • Max charging current: 45A/ 60A Inverter • Inverter voltage: 230V (220V/240V can set) • Output voltage accuracy: ± 3% grid off : ±10% grid tied • Transient recovery time: = 60ms • Fixed frequency: Automatically be the same as the grid input • Crest factor: 3:1 (lpeak/ lrms) • Wave: Pure sine wave • THD liner load: ≤3% • Overload: ≥110% / 125%/ 150%/ 180%/ 200%: 4 mins/ 1 min/ 5s/ 20ms/ 0.5s transfer to bypass or shutdown (shutdown when AC not available) • 0.1s short circuit current: 3 times rated current • Max efficiency %: ≥ 85% Battery Management • Battery type setting: Lithium / Lead acid battery can be set by customer • Battery setting: Battery number can be set • Discharge depth setting: Yes • Float charging voltage: 56Vdc • End of discharge: 42Vdc • Charging current: Lead acid battery 0.05C- 0.3C ; lithium battery 0.1C – 1.0C can set • Battery intelligent management: battery bank automatic float charging, automatic temperature compensation

Keywords: Alternative Energy Source, Hybrid Inverter, Hybrid Solar Inverter, Solar Inverter