By: Dredge-a-drain  11-11-2011
Keywords: storm water drains, Drainage Areas


The following services are available in Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and Cape Town

Grease and Fat traps: For the hospitality industry: i.e. restaurants, hotels, corporate canteens, corporate boardroom kitchens, hospital kitchens and canteens. We offer monthly management service or emergency call outs    24 x 7 365 days a year.

Septic tank rehabilitation: Material not destined for municipal out flow systems need a method of disposal. Dredge-A-Drain will professionally remove contents, wash and rehabilitate tanks big and small. All farmers, small holdings, food processing plants, industrial tanks etc.

Refuse area wash down: Dredge-A-Drains high pressure mobile equipment assists facility managers maintain a clean and odourless free environment in and around loading bays. This is targeted at the retail industry or FMG (Fast moving goods) sector.

Refurbishing of wash and drainage areas: Dredge-A-Drains high pressure mobile equipment assists facility managers maintain a clean environment in and around washing and drainage areas. This is targeted at the industrial and mechanical sector.

Clearing and cleaning of storm water drains: Dredge-A-Drains high pressure mobile equipment will rehabilitate storm water drains in and around industrial sites cleaning and removing content build. This is on large sites industrial factories and large office parks with road access that have storm water drains.

Plumbing services:  In line with our desire to provide a service that is above the expected levels, are proud to make a guide available to you and your valued clients. We are pleased to advise on any drain cleaning and plumbing requirements.

Proprietary service: Any requirement that is not listed above and is with-in our scope of abilities will be tackled with professional and satisfying results. Give us a call and Dredge-A-Drain will dispatch a consultant to quote and guide you on the solution.

Keywords: Drainage Areas, storm water drains,