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By: Abp Building Products  11-11-2011
Keywords: Thermal Insulation, Energy Conservation, Expanded Polystyrene


With ever increasing building costs, the requirement for rapid building, rising energy costs and greater awareness of global warming and energy conservation as an important aspect of building design, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is becoming increasingly used in modern day construction.

In South Africa alternatives to the tradition of brick and mortar are going to have to be used to enable the building demand to be met.


ABPPolyblock is a hollow EPS building block which acts as a permanent formwork for a reinforced concrete infill and is used for building houses, perimeter and retaining walls, infill panels for steel frame construction, agricultural buildings and high rise developments.

Polycap is an EPS wall and column capping system that is lightweight, easy to install and versatile in that any shape and size can be cut or moulded.
Products can be supplied unplastered with the plaster supplied separately for application on site or pre-plastered with a 2-3mm EPS plaster coating.
Wall capping and moulding lengths can be supplied up to a maximum length of 3 metres.

Polyglue is a synthetic rubber based adhesive used to bond expanded polystyrene to itself and to all other clean and dry surfaces such as metal, brick, wood and fibreglass.
Polyglue functions as a contact adhesive, has excellent bond strength, good heat resistance and high initial tack.

Polyjoint is an EPS expansion joint system for concrete floor slabs. It replaces the use of softboard used in this application as it is cost competitive and does not expand and deteriorate when wet.
Polyjoint is supplied in 10mm thick slabs in standard packs of 120 metres, in 1,22m long, 10mm thick sheets of varying widths to suit different slab thicknesses.

Polyplast is a combination of water based acrylics and short length fibre that when mixed with plaster sand forms a workable plaster mix that is easy to apply to EPS, does not shrink or stress crack, has excellent adhesion, is long lasting and provides the necessary impact resistance to the EPS.

TASS is a 'rib and block' floor slab system for multi-storey buildings and is made up of a combination of a moulded EPS block which acts as a permanent void former and cold rolled, galvanised steel channels which form the 'ribs'.

TUFS is a 40mm thick, EPS, under floor, thermal insulating system used as an integral part of ground floor slabs between conventional foundation walls.
TUFS prevents heat generated inside buildings being soaked into the ground and is particularly effective in improving the performance of underfloor heating systems.


Polycube is a 150mm square EPS box and lid used for making and curing concrete testing cubes

Variblock is a retaining wall system with high density EPS panels acting as formwork for the concrete infill. The formwork panels are cross braced internally with EPS spacers which are supplied in 3 widths - 330, 240 and 180mm. Variblock is lightweight, quickly and easy to install and cost competitive against alternative retaining wall systems

Coblit is an exterior decrotive wall moulding system. Mouldings are cut to any shape or size from EPS and coated in factory with a hard wearing durable 2-3mm resin based plaster. Coblit is dimensionally accurate, lightweight to install and does not require skilled labour.

ABP offer a comprehensive range of attractive EPS cornices. Together with the supply of the cornices ABP work with a group of sub contractors who can fit cornices to requirement thus offering a full supply and fit service.  
Corrufoam is an EPS system which is cut to fit the profile of corrugated roof sheeting either ’corrugated iron’ or Big 6 fibre cement sheets .  
ABP have the facility to cut EPS sheet and blocks for the general purpose market for applications such as; in roof insulation, leveling of concrete floors and panels.  
Neopor is a new generation EPS which contains graphite to improve the thermal insulation properties of the material. The improved thermal insulation properties of the material mean that thinner sheets can be used to provide equivalent thermal insulation to standard ‘white EPS’ providing a more cost effective insulation solution.  

Other Products

ABP supply a number of other EPS building products including:• Drainage boards
• Flat roof insulation
• Cold rolled steel/EPS sandwich panels
• EPS bead for use in light-weight concretes
• Sheeting for in-roof insulation
• Decorative mouldings for exterior and interior decoration


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Keywords: Energy Conservation, Expanded Polystyrene, Thermal Insulation

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The housing system is to a Canadian design and incorporates 90mm thick EPS panels in a steel studding support system with magnesium oxide boards on either side and a ‘stucco’ plaster completing the system on the outside. ABP Multi Styrene has been a dominant manufacturer in EPS and EPP manufacture since 1978.ABP Building Products highlights the advantages and cost effectiveness of EPS in the construction industry.