O3zone Treatments

O3zone Treatments from Body Revival

By: Body Revival  10-31-2008
Keywords: health, Beauty Therapy, ozone therapy

Ozone contains one more atom than pure oxygen and this third atom detaches itself from the molecule and attaches itself to the odours, bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus.
This process is non-selective; meaning a given target like legionellosis cannot develop an immunity or resistance to Ozone.
Because Ozone is such an effective oxidant, it neutralizes all organic material and kills viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew, fungus and germs.
It can be used to kill impurities and odours in the air and in water effectively and often more efficiently than any chemicals.
Benefits of Ozone Therapy -

Major DE-TOX at cellular level- OZONE- super charged oxygen-
Burns 500-600 calories per session-
Healthy fat loss REMOVAL of cellulite-
Dramatically increases oxygenation of tissues cells- Incredible wound healing/skin conditions/pre-post surgery -
Drug detoxification with no basic withdrawal symptoms-
Oxidizes cancer cells tumours -
Vast increase in Libido-
energizing from stress -
Overwhelming results with prostate conditions/ Cancer/ HIV -
Diabetes/ Asthma/ Smoking, Drugs Alcoholism -
Instantly cleanses the body of accumulated toxins-
Disease cannot live in an alkaline oxygen-enriched body -
Increases white blood cell count/immune system

Keywords: Beauty Therapy, health, ozone therapy, Skin Therapy