Pain relief

By: Sandton Health Centre  07-17-2013
Keywords: Health Care, Massage Therapy, Alternative Medicine

Chiropractors treat the underlying functional problems related to the following conditions.  We address the possible cause of pain, not pain itself.  

• Lower back pain
• Neck pain and stiffness
• Headaches: Migraines/ tension headaches
• Joint pain
• General aches and pains
• Arthritis 
• Whiplash
• Ligament sprains 
• Muscle strains
• Pregnancy aches and pains
• Infantile colic

Read more about our approach to treatment here:

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Spasm in neck muscles, "misaligned" joints and poor neck posture can contribute to headaches and migraines.  Chiropractors treat the underlying functional problems related to neck-related headaches and migraines & other pain conditions.


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