Investor in Solid Minerals e.g Platinum Gold Coal Iron ore Mines e.t.c, Oil & Gas as Joint Venture

Investor in Solid Minerals e.g Platinum Gold Coal Iron ore Mines e.t.c, Oil & Gas as Joint Venture from Havilah Investments

By: Havilah Investments  10-30-2010
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We are looking for an investment as Joint Venture mainly with existing MINING, OIL & GAS Companies across South Africa, Africa and across world. We are willing to invest and we shall invest 100%, into the Mining Operation as Joint Venture Partner and shall provide STRUCTURE FINANCE operation with CORPORATE FINANCE and we shall off take.

As Joint Venture partnership we would negotiate for lion share from up to 98%

Investment off take means, we shall also buy stake of our partner at 30-35% less market rate cash and we shall pay them in cash.


We will supply ultra modern machinery for effective running of the mine. The Joint Venture partner will have a choice to which equipment they need from MTI: Mining Technology International and Hollinger. Also let us know additionally what other equipment they need, like Trucks, cranes, dozers, roller etc. we will dispatch the same from South African storage as we do have readily available certain equipment there.


This is what we require from the Joint Venture partner

  • · What documents you are having in hand to prove that you are the owner of the proposed Mine/s, Oil and Gas for example: concession lease, government permissions, land owner ship, government permit and mineral content – geological report at your hand, where-in we will be satisfied that we are dealing with the bona-fides Joint Venture partner and who are the end entity per se, and NOT a facilitator or a broker.

Must have a Business Plan


Must  have  recent audits report on the  Operation of the  mines'

Must be operational partially or fully

Must have at least 10 - 30 years and above life span

Must not have a land Claim on the property

Must have proven Geological survey available

Must have mining right of all the above Minerals or any solid mineral including Oil and Gas

  Condition of Property


We are looking for arrangement with mining companies across South Africa, Africa and rest the world Africa and that are willing to go into full scale exploration immediately. 

The standard JOINT VENTURE, MEMORADUM OF UNDERTANDING and CONFIDENTIALITY agreement shall be signed for …least 30 years or the mining life span, with accountant on record ( your portion in percentage value shall be merged into the Joint Venture off take and we shall take our profit in terms of commodity. 


CORPORATE FINANCE will be readily available for business liquidity to run the show and they shall be the local in charge of all operations or daily running of the mine.


Auditors like


Deloitte & Touché KPMG, PCWH, E&Y will be appointed and the Investor can commence operation as soon as auditors and the Joint Venture agreement is done.


Consolidated Monthly or fortnightly Statement report shall be submitted

The investments and mines will be insured and cross insure by us.






Keywords: Investments