Micro Bakery Specialising in Delicious, Healthy Cupcakes and Treats

Micro Bakery Specialising in Delicious, Healthy Cupcakes and Treats from The Conscious Confectioners

By: The Conscious Confectioners  06-17-2014
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Welcome to the home of sugar-free, calorie-conscious cupcakes and bakes for all occasions. No artificial ingredients, anywhere! The Conscious Confectioners cater for birthday parties, grown-up functions and all special occasions. Our aim at The Conscious Confectioners is to restore the balance between wholesomeness and taste, and as such we selected and sourced a range of healthy - and where possible - organic ingredients to create products that are truly delicious and totally good for you. We have changed the face of the cupcake and its cousins. We really have. So now you’re probably thinking that our sugar-free cupcakes and bakes taste like every other sugar-free substance on the shelves, plasticy and nasty. Our bakes don’t! And the reason they don’t is because we do not use artificial sweeteners. We have baked dozens and dozens AND dozens of batches of cupcakes trying to find the right combination of healthy, natural ingredients to get the perfect, sugar-free cupcake. We have succeeded. The secret to our sugar-free, calorie-conscious cupcakes and bakes lies in our careful selection of fine ingredients. ​ The Conscious Confectioners use a variety of low-GI ingredients that assist your body with the digestion process. Lower-GI means food takes longer to digest, which means it has a better effect on blood sugar levels. It also means that the energy created from digestion is not immediately turned into fat, as with normal bakes, sweets and other refined ingredients in our diets. Depending on the recipe, we use stone-milled flour, fine blends of blood-sugar lowering Xylitol, Agave and Stevia as well as inulin fibre in small amounts, which is good for your gut and also contains pre- and pro-biotics. Prepare to be delighted!

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