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Dust suppression  Dust control Dust emission Conveyor metal detection Material flow Air cannons from Scua

By: Scua  04-29-2009


Established in 1987, SCUA offers African Mining and Industrial client’s quality, cost effective and robust turnkey solutions in Dust Suppression, Metal Detection, Material Flow Enhancement and CNC Component Manufacturing.


SCUA provides effective solutions to fugitive dust emission problems. Collection systems or dust extraction offer high efficiency but can be very expensive to manufacture, operate and maintain and can only be used in conditions that allow for total enclosure. SCUAs Agglomerative Dust Suppression systems are based on cost effective and flexible water, air-water or chemical-water technology, all with minimum effect on downstream processes. SCUA Dust Suppression systems use only quality components and are robustly designed for the taxing environment of mining. The equipment requires minimum effort and cost to operate and maintain.


In the underground or open pit ore extraction environment drills break, bolts get discarded and loader teeth shear off. In most cases these pieces of tramp metal end up with the ore in the tipping trucks and on the conveyor belts. If not removed, tramp metal could cause enormous damage to downstream processing equipment such as crushers. In the case of secondary and tertiary crushers, normally with a smaller aperture, tramp metal may even jam the crusher, bringing it to a halt. When this happens the crusher has to be stripped down in order to remove the offending piece of tramp metal, seriously impacting productivity.


Bulk materials have a natural tendency to stickto the sides of bins and silos. Over time this residue layer could harden, permanently reducing the natural orifice and restricting the flow of material. In severe cases the reduced orifice may lead to blockages that would not occur when the full outlet orifice is available. Periodic cleaning of this residue build-up is an expensive, difficult and time consuming exercise.