By: Octane Dew  11-22-2012
Keywords: environment, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning

In the process of manufacturing Biodiesel, another raw material called Glycerol, isproduced. Crude glycerol is a simple compound that is often dark in appearance with
a thick,syrup-like consistency, non-toxic and commonly used in the pharmaceuticalindustry. Refined glycerol is also widely used across the food industry as a solvent,sweetener,preservative, filler, thickening agent and sugar substitute.
Categorised as a carbohydrate by the American Dietetic Association, the U.S FoodAnd Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed that glycerol has a similar make-up to thatof table sugar, making it a food based product with no need to carry SABS approval.

Octane Dew has used this material to create our phenomenal product called “Biosoap”which is a potent glycerol-based cleaning agent.

Due to the manufacturing process of this product, some of it’s properties include:100% biodegradable = 100% environmentally friendly
Extremely potent cleaning agent/ grease-stripper

Made from recycled cooking oil 

Biosoap works on fabrics, carpets, floors, work surfaces, windows, paving, wooden surfaces, metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, granite or marble surfaces.

We supply the Spa, Beauty, Restaurant, Transport and Manufacturing Industries with our product.

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