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By: C-cubed  11-11-2011
Keywords: Human Capital, Talent Management, Succession Planning


Many organisations are recognising that as the rate of change in the world of work continues to accelerate, the need to invest in the capabilities of their people is greater than ever. More than any other resource, it is people that will create and sustain competitive advantage.

Our services are aimed at assisting you to acquire, manage, develop and retain the best people; and to grow, develop and deploy your existing talent optimally to succeed.

Talent Management

Talent management entails attracting the best talent, acquiring and integrating new employees, and developing and retaining existing employees.

In terms of selecting and recruiting the best people, research suggests we hire people for their proficiency credentials (such as qualification, job experience etc), and fire them for their personal credentials (individual traits and behaviours). C-Cubed can assist you in selecting candidates that are the best fit not only in terms of the requirements of the job, but also the organisational culture (i.e. both the job and the person specification).

In today’s workplace, it is not sufficient to find the right talent and then not invest in the growth of those people. C-Cubed can assist organisations with the growth and development of their employees by identifying gaps in performance and development needs.

There are numerous assessments and other techniques that can assist organisations in managing their talent. The purpose of assessments is to make inferences about people in the workplace – to learn about another person in order to inform others how they are currently functioning or are likely to function in the future. Assessments are also generally used to identify the logical, relevant developmental needs of a company’s workforce. We are certified and accredited in the use of a wide range of occupations assessments. Consistent with our holistic approach, we able to assess numerous dimensions including:

• Capability / Potential

• Personality

• Abilities and Skills

• Emotional Intelligence

• Integrity

• Competencies

Assessing for the sake of assessing leads to unnecessary expenditure, but more importantly, can often do more harm than good. As part of our service offering, we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate assessment tool(s) / technique(s) to best suit your need (and budget) and meet the requirements of current legislation. After administering the assessments, a psychologist registered with the HPCSA will provide a professional and integrated assessment of the results, and interpret these to assist you in making more informed and objective recruitment and selection, development, succession planning / talent management decisions.

Succession planning

Succession planning is a process that enables organisations to identify talent, and to further develop individuals who have potential in order to fill key positions and higher levels with more responsibility. It enables the organisation to develop a pool of individuals internally that is readily available and capable to assume these roles as they become available. Not having a succession plan can negatively impact an organisation in a number of ways, including loss of expertise and intellectual capital, loss of business continuity, damaged customer relationships, and employee turnover (with the associated time and cost to replace these individuals).

C-Cubed is able to assist you in identifying roles for succession; understanding the competencies and capabilities required to fill these roles; identifying individuals who can potentially fill these roles now and in the future; and identifying development needs for these individuals to prepare them for these roles.

Team Effectiveness

Teams are generally put together in order to combine the knowledge and expertise of the individual team members. The ultimate objective is to use the individual strengths of the team members to gain greater strategic thinking and enhanced creativity in business solutions. Team effectiveness ultimately affects either the bottom line of the organisation, or its business relationships. It is important for organisations to take immediate steps if there is evidence of team ineffectiveness. Unless the underlying causes are found, it is unlikely that a solution will be found or that performance will improve.

By making use of occupational assessments and other techniques, C-Cubed can assist you in analysing and auditing team effectiveness, and provide learning opportunities for team members through customised workshops with the aim of

• improving awareness of self and others

• improving team dynamics

• identifying and maximising the strengths individual team members

• identifying potential problem areas

• improving overall team performance

Leadership and Management Development

Great leaders define, shape and inspire the human experience. Effective leadership is critical to the success of any organisation.

C-Cubed has the expertise and tools to scientifically and objectively: • identify leadership potential

• assist individuals in developing and achieving their potential – this includes identifying key strengths and derailment factors

• equip leaders / managers with the skills / behaviours they need to manage / lead more effectively

Motivation and Engagement

Motivation is not an individual attribute, but rather a product of the interaction of the individual and environment. Furthermore, performance is considered to be a function of ability and motivation.

C-Cubed can assist you in assessing and exploring employee morale, understanding what motivates your employees, and identifying the steps that can be taken to set up the environment each employee needs to best motivate and empower themselves.

Keywords: Human Capital, Succession Planning, Talent Management

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