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This is where you will enter. Section 1 boasts a wide selection of plastic beads. Our standard sizes are

  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 14mm
  • 16mm
  • 20mm

Some beads are available only in unusual, and often more interesting sizes. Plastic beads come in many different finishes and we stock a varied range including lustre (also known as oil-slick), plain, glow-in-the-dark, pearl, and matt. Our acrylic beads and pendants are a cost-effective and popular alternative to Swarovski crystal, sometimes thought of as “diamonds” by small children. Moulded plastic beads are available in fun shapes, like butterflies and flowers, to add a touch of cheer to almost any bead project.

We have two Made in SA plastic ranges. Fimo is a locally designed and manufactured plastic clay bead created using the same principles as English Rock candy. The intricate fimo beads are not painted as it would first seem. They are built up in long canes of clay to form the picture, then rolled and sliced and rolled and sliced and squished and sliced and…. until the picture has been scaled down small enough to become a bead. These extraordinary pictures can include dolphins, flowers, the big five, animal prints, and can be used anywhere that needs beads. The other plastic range is a firm favourite with school teachers and parents. Perfect for children because of their large holes and value for money prices, these beads come in bright colours from 6mm to 16mm.

We are very proud of our very own KZN created traditional beadwork. Crafted in our own community here in the Valley of a Thousand Hills and surrounding rural districts, we commission and buy directly from beading women. By engaging the beaders in discussions around popular colours and styles and negotiating fair, sustainable pricing structures, we hope to assist the women to develop their skills, thereby continually improving their products which we then offer to entice you! Often fitting easily into a standard sized envelope, these are also perfect gifts for nostalgic and homesick family members and friends abroad.

Secton 1 also has a range of our own studio work. Keyrings, unisex necklaces, bracelets for all ages, mobiles or windcatchers are customer favourites. The jewellery on show here often makes good stocking fillers or simple “I’m thinking of you” presents.

Here you will find more muted colours and earthier materials. Wooden beads in varying sizes from 4mm to 22mm, take up most of one wall with unusual bone beads and pendants from across the world taking up another. Fish, masks, elephants and geometric-shaped pendants blend in with our Kenyan batiked bone beads, many still made with the traditional wooden plug.To accent and highlight these subtler colours, we have metal spacers and fillers. While nickel is the dominant colour, our metal beads and findings come in an assorted range of nickel, brass, silver and black nickel with occasional flashes of other fashionable finishes . Catches, eyepins, headpins, calottes and other intriguingly named fittings are available to solve most “how can I” problems. If you can’t find the fitting you need, there are often ways to modify something else to do the job.

A wide range of threading materials including waxed cotton, waxed polyester, tigertail, fishing line, wire, nylon thread, organza ribbon, and nickel chain is available in different thicknesses to suit almost any beading need.

Walking in here will make you think you’ve found a rainbow factory. Glass in reds, blues, greens, oranges, purples; in bright and sparkly or matt and sophisticated, we have all colours, all finishes. Handmade feature beads with delicate glass flowers or bold spots, boiled sweet look-a-likes and soft-toned beauties, you should be able to find just the right bead for the job. Fillers come in rounds and ovals, saucers and squares and are specifically chosen to allow for mix-and-match designs. Available loose or in packets, the hard part is deciding what not to take. Hanging from the ceiling you’ll find jewel-tone glass chips, the perfect gemstone “cheat” to add flare to your creation.

Also at head height, you will find Czech seed beads waiting to be woven, threaded or sewn into your project. Unlike their cheap Chinese counterparts, Czech seed beads come temporarily strung to prove their uniformity in shape, size and hole. A dizzying range of colours and finishes from silver-lined to pearlized, Czech beads boast a long history of exceptional quality.

For those who seek variety, we sell pre-mixed random selections in basic colourways, perfect for asymmetrical designs or to add choice to your bead box. Any one packet of these mixes may contain a number of unique beads not available elsewhere in the shop.

Sitting patiently waiting to be discovered, is our new range of handmade, handpainted ceramic beads and pendants. Painted in the Delft Blue Pottery tradition by rural families contracted to an award-winning social and economic upliftment family business, these beautiful pieces have journeyed from the Rajasthan desert in India to complement our glass collection. Predominantly green, brown, yellow, pink, white and blue, each bead is unique with brushstrokes and occasional fingerprints still visible. Oh, and we liked the painting so much, we brought home some candle holders and little animal statues too, just because we could!

The ceramic elephants, tortoises and horses are not our only statues - we also have a wire and bead menagerie in the form of big-eyed geckos, wide-mouthed frogs, spiders, scorpion, chameleons and a whole lot more. Wirework keyrings make popular gifts and we have them in patterns of musical instruments, animals, slops, chillies, strawberries - the list is endless.

The last section, this holds most of our own studio work as well as our high-end beads. Earrings, beaded and bejewelled, are available in base metal and sterling silver. Simple beaded earrings from our studio or imported add the finishing touch to any outfit. Semi-precious stone and sterling silver creations range from little classic gemstone studs to bold cascades that catch light and attention. Pendants in sterling silver and quality gemstones, can be set on a silver chain or incorporated in a beaded necklace. Since we avoid imitations, our range at any one time is defined by the type of gemstone available to the craftsmen at production. The majority of our sterling silver rings, earrings and pendants are crafted by master jewellers in India.

But we also have a home-grown range in the form of Creative Earth’s jewellery, and in the form of the exquisite unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces from our own Studio, all born right here in the Outer West of KZN. The walls are loaded with our own studio jewellery to suit most styles and wallets. Made using beads available in our shop and some exclusively brought in for our studio, there is something for everyone. Use them to inspire your own creativity, to give technical and architectural guidance to create your own jewellery! Or succumb to temptation and buy that special finished piece that catches your eye!

Should you resist the temptation of one of our studio necklaces, and choose to make your own, we sell semi-precious stones such as garnet, amethyst, citrine, moonstone, labradorite, turquoise, agate, pyrite and many more. Sterling silver beads and basic findings along with semi-precious stone beads to blend with the pendants are available.

Swarovski glass crystal is irresistible! Chose a few to add sparkle to other glass beads, or go the bling way and have masses of them. Sophisticated or flashy, it depends on what you add them to, so we sell them individually to allow you the choice.

Here’s more good news! All our bead and threading products come in up to three packaging sizes from loose individuals to our discounted bulk packets noted by a Yellow Dot on the label: a choice of a varied, aesthetically selective few, or a practical, crafty, cost-effective many.

Now, having virtually feasted your eyes and fed your soul, turn around and enjoy the whole journey again, noting the secret corners and hidden treasure we did not see on the way in, like the packets of feathers and incense holders and….

Due to rapid stock movement no catalogue or online sales available.

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