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By: Finworks  11-11-2011

Custom Software Solutions

With our vast experience in software development we provide custom software solutions. Within days we can deliver proof of concept and pilot systems that can expand into full business solutions over time. Most of these solutions are web based and can be integrated into other systems.

Maintenance and Development

We have teams of developers that maintain and enhance existing IT systems. We manage user expectations and requirements as well as project management.

With specialised methods and techniques we can create and build an effective team of people in a short space of time. Our methods help our clients to introduce new functionality on regular intervals as time to market is crucial in the industry.


We offer specialised consulting services in project management, technology architecture, integrations, migrations, technology management, system evaluation and business process re-engineering.


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Training | FINWorks

Senior object oriented software developers, programmers, system analysts. Programming experience in another language. We offer the following training courses.