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45 Lt Dryer (Available in Mild steel and Stainless Steel)

This is the smallest food processing unit in our range of dryers and is designed for home use, generally producing approximately 5 kg's of dried meat (Biltong) in 2 to 3 days depending on the climate. An extraction fan in the roof of the cabinet extracts humid air from within to aid in the drying process. The extracted air is replaced by clean air drawn in through replaceable filtered air vents. Meat is hung from a sliding tray(bar in the stainless unit) in the top of the biltong dryer with supplied hooks. In times of cold climate conditions, a heater can be used and is located in the base of the unit below the drip tray.( Your first packet of biltong spices comes free of charge)


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195 lt Dryer

Biltong/fruit  Dryer two shelf 220v For the guy or gal that loves to share with the family.

Additional shelves available. Dry 25Kg meat in one cycle. Available with or without a germicidal irradiation system  

Dimensions: 600mm(w)x800mm(h)x530mm(d)

                                                       195 L  Dryer                                                              The inside of the unit

825 Lt Dryer  - The fastest multi-purpose dryer in the world (Biltong and dry sausage within 24hrs)

Multi-purpose dryer with digital heat controller. 3 fans (300Cmf) , germicidal irradiation system. 20 Stainless steel rods. 5 perforated fold away shelves. (OPTIONAL)  Heater (2Kw). Heat display. 168 Hr timer. (Optional) 100kg Full Load Capacity. Dry all your biltong (meat), fruit or vegetables in one fast cycle. 

Excellent for industrial biltong use or for the professional hunter. Dimensions: 915mm (w) x 1800 (h) X 500 mm (d) POWDER COATED (Not suitable for rusk drying).


825 Lt Multi-purpose Dryer  (Stainless steel) The fastest dryer in the world.

Industrial multi-purpose dryer with digital heat controller. 3 fans (1890 cmf ), germicidal irradiation system. Stainless steel rods. 5 perforated fold away shelves included. Heaters (2 Kw). Heat display.(Humidity Display / Control - Optional ) Dry your meat in one fast cycle. Very good for business use or for the professional hunter. Dry Rusks, fruit and vegetables professionally. Dry up to 100 Deg. C

Set your RH for your choise of moist content.


or Phone Anel / Debbie /Adel / Heinrich at +27163412505/6

Custom Purpose Dryers and Drying rooms

Air dryers - Convection or Dehydration.

Please contact us with your requirements ( Sizes, Tonnage,Rh and measurements. )


Biltong and Wors Spices available in Bulk - 25 Kg +

 Industrial Stainless steel biltong dryer. 1500L (Special Price)

Dry nealy 200Kg Meat in one fast cycle. (Free Electric slicer included)

          Including biltong hooks and spices

Biltong processing tools

Electric biltong Slicer

The biltong slicers is available in 0.55 and 0.75 Kw. Build in safety futures include a special mouth piece and damer to push your very last piece of biltong thru the slicer. The mouth piece is replaceable. Clear cutting action. Production 220-250 Kg/ h. Hardened steel blade. Slice width is 3 mm. Easy to clean.


Electric Biltong Grater

Grate your Dry biltong into a fine biltong powder or hot chilly powder. Supplied with a Damer. The rotor is hardened for long lasting use.The grater will strip meat from sinew. Production  120 – 160 g/ min.   

Sausage Fillers

Manufacture you own sausages with our 3.1 L or 2.8 L gear driven sausage fillers . Two speed gear. Comes standard with two different size nozzels. 


     Sausage Filler Open                                                                                   Sausage filler closed                                                                      Filler nozzels

  Hand slicing tools


  Manual slicer                                                                          Wood Chunk Cutter                                                         Metal Chunk Cutter

New Biltong Business package. ( ZA - Gauteng region Only )   

  • 3 X 825 L MS Driers

  • Electric Biltongslicer

  • Biltong Grater

  • Plastick hooks / Food processing buckets

  • Plastic bags / Paper bags

  • Box Freezer

  • Coke Machine

  • Till

  • Scale

  • Shop fitting

  • No Royalties

  • No Contracts   

  • Business Assistance

 Please note: Depending on availabliety of shops in the requiered area. No stock includet in the price.Excl vat.Telephone line excl.

Please note:   Delivery not included in prices. Specialised driers its supplier’s, owners or associates will not enter into any legal action regarding the supply, use or any action what so ever after the product has been accepted as received in a working condition.

Keywords: biltong, Dryer, meat, Stainless Steel