Pressure Pipe Fittings

Pressure Pipe Fittings from Heidelkor

By: Heidelkor  09-03-2009
Keywords: PVC Pipe fittings, Pressure pipe fittings

  PVC-U (Polyvinyl Chloride, unplasticized) has excellent chemical resistance across its operating temperature range, with a broad band of operating pressures. Due to its long term strength characteristics, high stiffness and cost effectiveness, Pressure Pipe Fittings account for a large proportion of plastic piping installations. Pressure Pipe Fittings are resistant to most solutions of acids, alkalis, salts and organic compounds miscible with water. Pressure Pipe Fittings have an environmental resistance to aggressive caustic and acidic fluids and good abrasion resistance. Pressure Pipe Fittings operating temperature range from 0°C to +60

Heidelkor manufactures Pressure Pipe Fittings in Class 16, Class 9 and Class 6 in sizes rangng from 50mm up to 315mm.

Keywords: Pressure pipe fittings, PVC Pipe fittings