Traffic Sealants | Reduce Pavement Deterioration with Traffic Sealants from Pecora

By: Pecora  11-11-2011
Keywords: Sealant

Reduce pavement deterioration by preventing surface water penetration into underlying layers, for any traffic grade surfaces, with Pecora’s silicone and urethane traffic sealants. Pecora sealant solutions are ideal for virtually any traffic grade application:    

  • Heavy Pedestrian Traffic Expansion and Control Joints
  • Traffic Bearing Expansion Joints in Parking Decks
  • Roadway and Airfield Control Joints
  • Stadiums and Industrial Warehouse Floors 
  • Parking Deck and Parking Garage Control Joints
  • Concrete, Metal, Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC)

A combination of both self-leveling and slope-grade based sealant products help ensure proper sealing of traffic-bearing control joints, expansion joints in concrete, metal or asphalt, or other areas subject to heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 

Keywords: Sealant

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