Junxion Communications

By: Junxion Communications  11-11-2011

Services offered by Junxion Communications include:

  • strategic communication planning
    We utilise all expertise and knowledge in the area of communications and produce measurable and practical results in the quest to build a reputable image for our clients.
  • target group analysis and development
    Our diverse target audience calls for a unique approach in everything we do. This allows us to develop a unique interpersonal model for the needs of our clients and to achieve good results as set out in their respective business plans.
  • media relations (local and international)
    With South Africa now a player in the global world, we have over the years created good media contacts internationally, regionally and locally. We have the ability to liaise with most of our contacts at very short notice.
  • targeted publicity campaigns and lobby support
    Our proven track record in and knowledge of specific industries and our understanding of perceptions in those specific areas allow us to approach situations in the most unique way possible.
  • management of news conferences and events
    We are known for our ability to create excellent news platforms for journalists and media institutions. Our service extends to providing a credible news or information dissemination resource centre for our clients.
  • development of 'below-the-line' communication tools
    Although we are not advertising specialists - we are able to think creatively, conceptualise and implement a client's idea into a 'smart look product or service'.
  • corporate newsletters and audiovisual tools
    Our expertise and knowledge in corporate publications ranges from conceptualisation, to production, to print and broadcast.