Workforce Architecture

By: Lime Human Capital (Pty) Ltd  03-17-2010
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Workforce management framework

In today’s fast paced working environment very little time is left available for HR personnel; business leaders and line managers to work together to employ, develop and up skill staff on an individual basis and specific to their functional role.  The resulting recruitment practices and IDP developing tend to have a more generic fit, with a one size fits all elements or approaches, and the general theme focuses on common soft issues or agreed and accepted business behavior.  This approach is certainly better than none at all, but often doesn’t drive the return on human capital investment the business is looking for.  It is also often executed in isolation of other workforce management interventions such as talent management; succession planning; coaching and mentoring. This lack of alignment is as a result of one simple reason, common in most organizations. We just don’t have the time. Lime human capital’s team of resources are dedicated to providing organizations with the capacity to build organizational structures in line with the business strategy; create job leveling principles which span across the organization; develop job profiles and competency frameworks to baseline functional outputs and requirements and enable the organization to conduct detailed staff assessments in order to map resources effectively.  Individual development plans; career planning; talent pool identification and succession planning are all outputs of having a well defined and well executed workforce management framework.

Organizational Structuring

By taking the necessary time, in consultation with business owners and leaders, our registered psychologist, Corlia Nel, is equipped to assist your organization in defining the organization structure necessary to drive optimal performance of your business and teams. By creating the correct structure    your business you ensure that you produce a backbone that supports the design and deployment of general processes across your business value chain.  The identification of processes; systems; job profiles and people are all underpinned by the design of the organization structure.  Therefore it is imperative that the appropriate planning and alignment to business strategy and vision is conducted properly at the onset.   Competency Framework Creating competency frameworks is the process of identifying the knowledge, experience, attitudes and level of work required for the effective performance of a particular role function. It is essential that when building the framework it is leveled accurately and that it is a fair reflection of the role and the outputs required in order to achieve the objectives of the role.   The Lime Human Capital competency framework is a more detailed extension of the job profile. The job profile provides a high level overview of the expected capabilities of the individual and sets the high level standards. The competency framework that underpins the job profile provides insights to the actual competencies that will drive the expected capabilities and outputs. The competency definitions (assessment criteria) themselves articulate the expected outcomes and the individual effort required to perform the competency, in addition they articulate the manner in which the competency must be carried out. Originally competency frameworks consisted mainly of behavioral elements. Lime has opted to build frameworks that cover a broader aspect and have included the following categories: ü  Core (level of work) ü  Functional (knowledge; skills; methodologies and tools) ü  Behaviour (functional behaviour and personal attributes)

                                                                                                              Recruitment Services
The Resource Centre offers you personalised solutions to your day to day recruitment requirements.  Sourcing qualified, competent staff is often difficult and costly. Head-hunting and recruitment fees are normally fairly high leaving much of the responsibility to conduct comprehensive assessments of the candidates with the client themselves. Lime has approached the task of recruitment in a unique manner, providing our clients with the option to utilize our services and skills to source competent candidates at a fixed price, substantially reducing our clients’ risk.  As a result of our deep understanding of the role, and the research and time we undertake to develop the appropriate competency framework and assessment process for the role itself, we are well positioned to add value in this area. Our costs are kept to a minimum, with most of the fee embedded in the placing of adverts in the Sunday Times and the cost of the resources used to perform the traditional recruitment model. The added benefit is that our resource is dedicated to the project and remains focused on your recruitment needs and is committed to the milestones set in the project. Our recruitment services include Kroll (qualification; credit; criminal and ID verification checks) as well as two comprehensive reference checks. This approach is used for both permanent and contracting requirements. If you have any other questions regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to contact Lime Human Capital.

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