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By: Lime Human Capital (Pty) Ltd  03-17-2010
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How your personality and temperament affects your work relationships and how to overcome self-limitations

We all know that different people have different personality types. But how many different types are there? What are they? And how do they affect our relationships (work related and personal)?

Lime human capital has developed a system of personality and temperament profiling, and the expected problems each type will have in relation to others. The profiling system is also equipped to describe how each type can personally grow to overcome any of their self-limiting beliefs, behaviors and attitudes.

The Lime human capital’s“Character Profiling System”is a robustly rich and complex system.

Like many people, we did not initially like the idea that people could be labeled. It felt like people were being put into a box. But we gradually realized how we all were, in fact, already in a box — that we were repeating some very similar patterns that keep us from achieving ongoing satisfaction in our jobs, personal lives and in various relationships.

So we wanted to see the box people were in — to help them get out of that box!!

This system, the Lime human capital’s“Character Profiling System”,has helped many people to better see their own patterns and overcome them. It has increased their flexibility and resourcefulness with others. It has helped them better understand and work with differences — and move beyond personal beliefs and limits that were previously obstacles to work related and personal fulfillment.

Understanding the Lime human capital’s“Character Profiling System”has also enormously expanded many people’s ability to work in depth with all kinds of different people — regardless of their personality types. Knowing this system will not only help you in personal relationships, but it will assist you professionally as well.

This fresh approach to profiling has the following concepts in mind:

  • Understanding your Learning style (visual, auditory and tactile)
  • Recognize your Thinking style, Leadership style and the impact it has in the team you function in at your workplace
  • Identify your own personality and temperament style and how it impacts on your own behavior
  • Utilizing the above internalized information to observe other people’s behavior patterns / predicting your own response and that of others and how to adapt to / manage the other person

Lime human capital’s“Character Profiling System”consist of a Self-Perception questionnaire, a 360° Peer Perception Questionnaire and a Burn-Out Scale index. This evaluation is administered by a registered psychologist.

The information obtained from the assessment is discussed with each individual who completes the above-mentioned questionnaires. The person’s behavioral styles, coping mechanisms and emotional strategies (that all flows from his / her personality type), will be thoroughly worked through in a coaching session. During these sessions, the person will gain an understanding of his / her own behavior, triggers to certain behaviors, how to recognise these triggers, how to manage these triggers and behaviors and also how to utilize behavioral strengths in various situations.

Another important aspect of these feedback sessions, is that the participant’s knowledge of and understanding and recognition of other people’s behaviors, will be sharpened.

Understanding the temperament provides profound insights into people’s deep motivations, core psychological needs, core values, talents, and communication patterns. The Lime human capital’s“Character Profiling System”provides a map to different perspectives and approaches to problem solving, creativity, and communication. It tells us the “why” of behavior, our motivators, and sources of deep psychological stress. Knowing our temperament patterns tells us our core needs and values as well as the talents we are more likely to be drawn to develop.

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