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By: Lime Human Capital (Pty) Ltd  03-17-2010
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   Build a Career Roadmap   The Employees’ Guide   Introduction  In the current unstable economic climate and the measure of job insecurity we all live with, not having a career roadmap is a sure recipe for anxiety and worry.  A career roadmap should be there to enable you in finding the best route to achieve your career plans. It should help you to plot a career course of action; keep your career on track; give you the necessary insights to overcome your personal challenges and provide you the platform to celebrate your career successes.   But finding a comprehensive approach to building a career roadmap is hard, and it is for this very reason, Lime Human Capital has decided to create the tools and templates that will enable you to create your own career roadmap.   So, whether you are a graduate embarking on a project management career, or if you have extensive experience in a certain discipline or  if you are looking to enhance your skills, lime human capital has built frameworks and methodologies designed to enable you to take charge of your career.   About lime human capital Lime human capital has developed a unique approach to assessing and mapping resources to roles.  This approach has been widely used with our key corporate clients and has resulted in the deployment of robust and effective recruitment / assessment processes.  To date we have been focused on assessing resources on behalf of our clients, thereby creating structure and discipline in their assessment processes and increasing the standards of their resource pools.    Due to the skills shortage in South Africa and the very limited focus and expertise in career guidance, planning and management, the lime team has chosen to focus our energies on enhancing the employee’s understanding of themselves, their chosen profession and how to unleash their own potential.   Lime Human Capital intends to provide you, with the knowledge and insights that will enable you to take charge of your personal career roadmap.  Core to unlocking your potential is to TRULY understand your chosen profession.    Through a detailed view of what is expected of your chosen discipline you are able to evaluate yourself against the set benchmark.  By understanding your specific gaps you will be able to take charge of your developmental program in order to holistically address your learning areas.  By knowing the specific profession, what is needed to be effective within your profession and the ideal personality style to deliver on best results, you are better equipped to make the right career management decisions.    If you are equipped with the right knowledge and insight you will be able to position yourself accurately and be able to identify the right opportunities that will enhance your skills and knowledge. Understanding the role and the expected deliverables of the role will be your first step in establishing a comprehensive understanding of the various competencies that underpin the actual function of your role.  Knowing the various functional methodologies only give you a one sided view of the actual role.  Knowing how to apply these methodologies in a practical manner in line with the expected level of work and behavioural style best suited to the role ensures true mastery of the actual function.   By providing you with a detailed, well documented, job profile we intend to provide you with a high level view of the role and specific expectations and outputs required of the specific function. This should provide direction in terms of understanding the complexities within the level of work; the subtleties of individual behavioural styles and definitions that you can benchmark yourself against.   

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