By: Gottmi  11-11-2011
Keywords: Travel Agency


First to launch is GOTTMI MIS, a secure hosted solution, which enables 24 hour online reporting of all invoiced data produced from any back office system via a standard web browser from any location that has internet connectivity. Not only can you produce management information reports at the touch of a button but you and your clients can also produce online copy invoices and copy credit notes. In addition, GOTTMI MIS offers the travel agency an advantage by enabling the corporate client to access invoiced data online for whichever period they desire. Since the product is available via an online interface, there is no need for a manual or paper-based process to produce travel/financial reporting for clients, and as such, both the client and the travel service provider can manage resources and costs more effectively.

GOTTMI MIS is unique in that it can offer consolidated reporting across a number of travel companies within a travel group or franchise concept and across varied back office systems and countries, as well as in any language.  Essential consolidated data analysis allows the head office and franchisor to retain its competitive advantage and make calculated decisions based upon real data in relation to Suppliers and Revenue for example.

GOTTMI MIS also provides the travel agency Manager/Owner or Senior Personnel with accurate and up-to-date reports in regard to consultant productivity and travel agency turnover. Viewers are also not restricted to office hours in that the reports can be accessed anytime and from anywhere due to the fact that they are accessed via the internet. This effectively facilitates remote management and frees up resources to rather spend time selling travel as opposed to being tied up in operational management during valuable office hours.

GOTTMI MIS saves you and your customer’s time and resources by eliminating the need to produce and distribute paper management reports. It also supports decision makers thanks to detailed and summary reports.

GOTTMI MIS enables the travel agency to attract and secure corporate business by providing clients with user-specific access to invoiced data, 24/7! It also enables the Travel Agency to deliver demonstrably better and consistent customer service by reducing costs and increasing speed.

GOTTMI Customization and Language Selection Options
GOTTMI MIS can also be customized to a look and feel that is inline with your companies’ corporate identity. GOTTMI MIS provides skin options which enable the GOTTMI MIS website to appear as part of the companies’ corporate product offering. In addition GOTTMI MIS is available in the language selection of your choice.

GOTTMI MIS & Your accounting/back office software
Depending on the accounting or back office software deployed in the travel agency, data can be exported from any back office/accounting system in batch files. An intelligent upload programme developed by CKNet Internet Services (PTY) Limited then uses the "world wide web" to send the data to a specified secure database environment exclusive to the travel agency. The upload programme ensures that the data is complete and up – to- date by using the "world wide web" to communicate with the server and ensure data accuracy in a secure environment. Online Reports are written using Crystal Reporting software and thus Management Information can be obtained online at the touch of a button.  Graphical representation of all financial data is also provided in summary format to enable quick decision making.

Keywords: Travel Agency