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By: Cerbon  11-11-2011
Keywords: Steel, roof, Walls

  In conjunction with our engineers we design lightweight steel structures conforming to all safety standards and saving high percentages of steel tonnage, thus lowering costs. The majority of these structures are manufactured in our workshops. We have recently started using cellular beams which allows us to build lightweight structures with long spans maintaining safety standards but eliminating the need of pillars and giving the client greater pillar free areas. These beams are calculated by our consulting engineers LSC Brunette & Ass. built by MacSteel and erected by us.
Although we do conventional steel roofs using standard IBR sheeting, our speciality is single length seamless roof sheeting. With this type of sheeting there are no joints, we have manufactured and installed single sheets of up to 110 metres in length on site. Using the unique clip on techniques the whole sheet is clipped down (not bolted) allowing for metal expansion without forcing the remaining structure, securing bolts or the sheeting. Cerbon also has 8 - 50ton cranes for hire as well as various other building equipment/ plant. This equipment/ plant is used for our projects and available with an operator supplied at an hourly rate. Due to the regional needs for low cost housing we use a recently developed polyblock ideal for this type of building. This block is used to lower overall building costs and to avoid the difficulty in obtaining and transporting some building materials. These blocks, made of polystyrene are layed down and then filled with concrete giving you a solid load bearing wall with very good insulating properties and extremely fast and easy to build with. You only need cement, stone, sand and some steel to build the whole house. Once the walls are plastered you will have a well insulated house that will last a lifetime. There is a 250mm block for external walls and a 150mm block for internal walls. The same process can be used on the roof slab saving on weight and materials. We take on all types of suspended ceiling, partitioning, dry walling and shop front work.

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