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Credit Intel’s Debtors Outsourcing division was established from a need of the clients of it’s credit management outsourcing division, which has been operating since 1996.

This unique service was initiated from simply listening to it’s customers combined with a profound knowledge of credit management principles. 
A close association exists with several attorneys throughout the country, who act as our legal advisors and collection of debt at legal stage.
Numerous associations exist with selected debt collection firms in USA, UK, EU countries, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India and China.
All monies received from debtors on behalf of customers are deposited into an audited trust account and reconciled on a monthly basis.
The collection service includes default credit record listing, all forms of communication, negotiation and a legal collection service.
Using Credit Intel’s Debtors Outsourcing is an unsurpassed commitment to professionalism, dedication and sheer determination. As such you will find that our staff are highly skilled within this relationship-based organisation.

Keywords: Debt Collection, Debt Collectors, Debt Recovery