solids control manufacture Fluids Processing Systems

solids control manufacture Fluids Processing Systems from GN solids control

By: GN solids control   10-30-2009
Keywords: Solids Control, Drilling Fluid

 GN solids control manufacture Fluids Processing Systems for both onshore and offshore Drilling mud purification.We also provide directional horizontal well drilling mud control system.We can design customized cost-effective Fluids processing system according to specific needs.And it works very well for deep welling drilling fluids control.Fluids Processing Systems is also called Solids Control System is a Complete Mud separation System from intergration of  GN Solids Control Equipment. Including Shale Shakers, Vacuum D-gassers, Hydrocyclone system, Mud Jet Mixer, Submersible Sand Pump, Liquid-Gas Separators, etc. Drilling fluids proccessing system is a Closed loop system,a full drilling fluid circulation system Fluids Processing System Photo zj20 fluids processing system horizonal directional drilling system   zj70 fluids processing system  GN solids control can design and produce drilling fluids circulation purification system for different drilling rigs and horizontal directional drilling  according to customer requirements and work environment, and provide regular maintenance, system reform, installation and other related services, we would like to save drilling costs and improve customer economic benefits as more as possible. Why choose GN Fluids Processing System   Effective System integration .Instead of a collection of equipment from various sources, the GN fluids processing system  is a field-proven network of solids-control components specifically designed to function as a single unit. Custom engineering:GN solids control Team  analyzes well parameters and drilling objectives for each application and tailors the right combination of equipment for optimal results. Best Price:GN solids control is located in China iron production City-Tangshan.The price of raw material here is very low and with high quality.There are also many experienced workforce in iron machine production.They work very efficiently. Moreover,we control production of fluids processing system cost well by outsourcing some processing work.

Keywords: Drilling Fluid, Solids Control