Shale Shakers for drilling mud system

Shale Shakers for drilling mud system from GN solids control

By: GN solids control   10-30-2009
Keywords: Solids Control, Drilling Fluid

 ZS series Shale Shakers are normal shale shakers of our company,we can design customized cost-effective shale shakers for customer. Both linear motion shale shakers and balanced elliptical motion shale shaker for drilling fluids are available for you. ZS Linear Motion Shale Shaker       ZS Shale Shaker Technical Parameters  Model ZS83×108-3  ZS63×125-3  ZS70×105-3  ZS83×108-2   Vibrating mode Linear motion Linear Motion Linear Motion Linear Motion   Motor power 2×1.8kW 2×1.5kW 2×1.5kW 2×1.3kW   Vibrating strength ≤7.4G ≤6.0G ≤6.0G ≤5.0G Amplitude 2.5~3.5mm 2.5~3.5mm 2.5~3.5mm 2.5~3.5mm   Treating capacity 120 m³/h 108 m³/h 90m³ /h 72m³/h Frequency Voltage 380V/50Hz,460V/60Hz   Deck angle adjustment -1°~5°  Screen area 2. 7㎡ 2.4㎡ 2.2㎡         1.8㎡  Specifications 830×1080×3 (40-250meshes) 630×1250×3 (40-250meshes) 700×1050×3 (40-250meshes) 830×1080×2 (40-250meshes) Single weight  1880kg  1680kg 1580kg         1300kg Remarks:The proportion of mud is1.2g/cm3 and the viscosity is 45s-1. Shale Shaker is the first class solid-control equipment which is the latest development in our company to treat the drilling mud. The equipments is similar to draw domestic and foreign experience in shale shaker design and advanced technology. Linear motion shale shaker is installed with the imported vibration motor power and is currently the most advanced shaker in our country. Our company can manufacture the double or triple units according to customer demand and provide the corresponding connection pipe. At the same time the equipment also can be used as Underflow Screen of Desander and Desilter Assembly. The shale shaker have many advantages, which are high vibrating strength, wide screen size, screen angle adjustment, compact, high performance, cost-effective.  

Keywords: Drilling Fluid, Solids Control