End Caps

By: T.R Plastics  05-28-2010
Keywords: Plastics, plastic, Plastic Injection moulding

We manufacture a wide range of plastic End Caps, square, round, rectangular, and oval in a whole range of sizes.  We only use virgin material to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality product
Square End Caps                Round End Caps             Rectangular End Caps
76mm x 76mm                        76mm Diameter               100mm x 50mm
60mm x 60mm                        63mm Diameter                75mm x 50mm
50mm x 50mm                        60mm Diameter                76mm x 38mm
38mm x 38mm                        50mm Diameter                76mm x 25mm
32mm x 32mm                        48mm Diameter                60mm x 25mm
25mm x 25mm                        42mm Diameter                50mm x 38mm
22mm x 22mm                        38mm Diameter                50mm x 25mm
19mm x 19mm                        32mm Diameter                50mm x 19mm
16mm x 16mm                        25mm Diameter                38mm x 25mm
12.7mm x 12.7mm                   25mm Diameter                38mm x 19mm
                                              22mm Diameter                32mm x 19mm
                                              19mm Diameter                25mm x 12,7mm
                                              16mm Diameter                25mm x 10mm
                                              12.7mm Diameter

Keywords: plastic, Plastic End caps, Plastic Injection moulding, Plastics, Square Tubing,