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By: Smith Capital  11-11-2011
Keywords: Aerial Platforms

Our highly skilled engineers and draughtsman together with product specialists work as a team to design and develop new products for future and current requirements. We continually strive to improve our models and also to keep our clients abreast of the latest developments. New designs are begun on computers where we build full 3D models of the units before we actually build them. We continually incorporate the latest designs into our units to assure our clients of the most up to date and value for money products in the marketplace.   

For decades we have been working with various clients and have been assisting and advising the correct equipment to handle their specific and often special requirements. In collaboration with our clients, we establish the need (site visits or around the table meetings) and then find the best possible solution to attain those special or specific goals. We always look for the simplest solution to achieve the required goal and continually produce excellent working units.

Our field service personnel are highly trained with many years of experience in handling, repairing and maintaining hydraulic equipment. We specialize in our own Superlift and Hotline machines (which are our speciality) however we also handle other makes of drilling rigs and aerial platforms. Our vast experience lends itself to speedy repairs to get our valued clients up and running as quickly as possible. We are actively busy with load tests all over South Africa and on our own premises on a weekly basis. We are required to issue certificates for each aerial platform that have passed the load tests so they are certified safe to work in the field. Our field service department offers the following service to our clients: 23½ hours standby, 364 days a year, troubleshooting on hydraulic circuits, load testing and Crack detection on Aerial Platforms, service and maintenance contracts & Annual and bi-annual service and certification on units. 

We provide detailed quotations on all units which we receive for repair. We not only do the repair of the units but also reconditioning and rebuilding of various Hotline and Superlift units. We also repair units not built by us and have a special tailor made solution to suit your repair or upgrade needs. We handle maintenance and servicing, hydraulic oil analysis, repairs to ground engaging tools (hammer, bit and skirt assembly), compressor repairs and we build various types of augers and cleaning buckets.

Our team handling the after-sales parts and consumables is equipped to supply all the needed equipment for both drilling rigs and aerial platforms. Our quality products are fully backed up with spares availability and our team utilizes suppliers who are able to keep minimum stock levels (where possible) and supply at highly competitive prices. Our internal sales staff compliment is able to pull our resources together to meet any supply challenge head-on. The role of management and in particular, our hands-on approach, allows for effective sales through customer interaction, continual growth of both our staff experience and our total customer service.  

We provide free training for up to 10 operators on each new unit that is delivered within South African borders. All our trainers are accredited by SETA and we are recognized as a registered training provider. We offer high standards of professional training and our trainers are continually kept up to date with the high demands in certification and developing technology.

Keywords: Aerial Platforms