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Logistics, Transport, Warehousing & Distribution from Siyasebenza Siyabonga

By: Siyasebenza Siyabonga  10-13-2009
Keywords: Logistics, Distribution, Transport logistics

Siyasebenza Siyabonga manages logistics services through planning, implementation and control over all processes within the supply chain and by providing accurate information on historic shipments. Further services provided are improved planning and expansion decisions to clients to help with expansion or cost cutting. Historic information available could also be used to improve service offerings, provide accurate information on the delivery patterns and order sizes of clients and could alternatively be used as improved bargaining tools and supporting information from historic trends or deliveries.   Siyasebenza Siyabonga specializes in the provision of:
·  Logistics services to the Flooring Trade
o   Main contract client being Van Dyck Carpets
o   Independent customers within the flooring environment
o   Distribution and longhaul services nationally · Warehousing and inventory management services
o   Handling storage, order processing and warehousing functions
o   Distribution to and from Gauteng warehouse
· Supply chain structure design and consultation
o   Any services required within the provision of products between the producer and consumer.
o   Providing alternatives in structure design and how the reach the customer by selecting the best channel alternative.
o   Through proper planning, a supply chain network could realize reduced costs, improving margins without having to increase rates or affecting client relations through pricing changes.
·         Logistics efficiency and network design.
o   Improving the way products provided / supplied to clients and providing the best geographic setting for a retail shop or even a distribution centre to reach clients and minimize logistics costs.  
Services within the Logistics Scope managed are:  

Transportation (Linehaul and distribution)                
Based on the distribution network, transportation is provided between Main centres or Depots, having higher volumes and reducing the total cost of linehaul distribution.                
Distribution volumes are directly linked to the area where services are supplied to. Costs are calculated based on volumes expected as load/vehicle utilization is very important to reduce cost per unit transported.  

Warehousing and Storage  
Current or prospective clients within the Gauteng region could utilize the services of our warehouse, conveniently located to easily reach their clients within the Gauteng and surrounding country areas within good time. Distribution will fall within the same distribution network, providing a wide array of services and areas that can be serviced. A full service offering can be provided, meeting the needs of the client to provide inventory management, order processing and invoicing as an extension of the warehouse function available.  

Return Goods Handling  
Within the same context of distribution, reverse logistics forms part of the services, returning goods from the various regions to clients’ premises upon instruction.  

Customer Relationship Management  
Delivery planning is done based on volumes / goods received and changes every day.   Dynamic delivery planning is required to ensure that the best possible service is provided, requiring to make changes in loading patterns to accommodate the clients’ customers as far as possible.   As part of our service offering, Siyasebenza Siyabonga believes to have direct contact with its clients’ customers to ensure that information is given accurately and in time. By having direct access to customers, all queries can be resolved within a shorter time span, reducing time spent on queries.  

Consulting services  
Logistics Efficiency is required to keep costs as low as possible, providing goods in good time and thereby reducing resources applied in the provision of logistics services. As most logistic services are being done, without any attention provided to the cost thereof, there is a possibility that by consolidating synergies within the distribution / logistics network, a cost saving could be realized that could reduce input costs, directly affecting the bottom line.  

Improved Supply chain performance
This is provided as an additional service to increase the efficiency of the full supply chain of products and/or services.  Information could be provided on a monthly basis, providing insight on order sizes and delivery patterns within the supply chain network. Information could then be used to negotiate changes with customers as a direct tool providing actual logistics / transportation costs per customer, as well as ordering patterns and sizes.  

Value added services  
The provisions of monthly reports on distributed weights, or any information relating to the sales and deliveries done, also providing measurable customer service levels, on time delivery and much more.   Information throughout the supply chain is important, and transparency is highly recognized to ensure that no complications or unnecessary restrictions are placed within the services provided.  

Load security  
Vehicles have 24 hour satellite tracking systems providing an improved fleet management system, providing route details, active tracking, and all vehicles have cellular communication to enable follow up and flexibility for every day’s management processes.    

All consignments are handled on a track and trace basis, where all the steps from capturing / despatching of goods until proof of delivery are traced with dates to provide reliable information on the current status of consignments.

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