Chemicals from Menton Chemicals Pty Ltd

By: Menton Chemicals Pty Ltd  11-24-2011
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Menton Chemicals Pty Ltd is a leading independent chemical supplier in South Africa and supplying countries like Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, DR Congo and Namibia Tel: +27 11 050 0989, Cell: +27 78 628 9937, Tel: +27 78 878 0325, Fax: +27 86 246 0633, Email:, ,, Menton Chemicals Pty Ltd suppliers chemicals to all sectors eg ¤ Adhesive chemicals ¤ Agricultural chemicals ¤ Analytical chemicals ¤ Analytical & reagent ¤ Anodizing chemicals ¤ Herbicides & Fungicides ¤ Aromatic chemicals ¤ Boiler water treatment chemicals ¤ Brewers chemicals ¤ Cleaning chemicals ¤ Coating chemicals ¤ Construction chemicals ¤ Cosmetics chemicals ¤ Disinfecting chemicals ¤ Dry cleaning chemicals ¤ Fine chemicals ¤ Food processing chemicals ¤ Laboratory chemicals ¤ Laundry chemicals ¤ Leather chemicals ¤ Metal Finishing/Cleaning chemicals ¤ Mining chemicals ¤ Petroleum chemicals ¤ Plastic manufacturing chemicals ¤ Printing chemicals ¤ Rust removing & preventing chemicals ¤ Sewage treatment chemicals ¤ Specialty chemicals ¤ Tanning & Textile chemicals ¤ Waste water treatment chemicals ¤ Water softening chemicals ¤ Water treatment chemicals

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