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By: Insulectric  11-11-2011
Keywords: Tubes, Laminates, Cotton Fabric

In-House Materials:   - INTEROHM ® grade IG-30 ® For over 50 years INTEROHM®grade has proved most useful and cost effective as spacers and blocks in furnace busbar clamps.

High arc resistance, combined with good anti-tracking properties, make INTEROHM®grade the ideal material for Arc-Chutes.

It is used extensively on 3Kv D.C. railway systems.

Being inert at high frequencies it is regularly specified for use in Induction Furnaces.

INTEROHM ® grade is made from White Chrysotile Mineral Fibre and Portland cement, mixed with water and moulded under very high pressure.

Each sheet being individually moulded, regardless of thickness. 

In-House Materials:   -

Paper and Cotton Fabric based Phenolic Laminates manufactured according to strict International and South African standards: , , , and .

Sillicone Glass Laminate Sheets and tubes.

Epoxy Glass Laminate Sheet and tubes.

By request we can arrange for custom pressing and production of high-tech composite laminates, honeycomb composite laminates and range of other laminates to suit specific customer requirements.

We have been representative for Reinforced Plastics for over 30years and offer a range of their polyester glass composite sheet materials.

haysite ® grade H900® Ultratrac®and NEMA class GPO3  and grade   and NEMA class GPO1  electrical insulation sheets.haysite®grade high temperature 220°C polyester glass composite electrical insulation sheet.

Mica-based insulation sheets and tubes.

Non-Asbestos heat and Arc resisting insulation sheet.

We also offer a range of other Non-Asbestos and Asbestos containing insulation products.

Keywords: Cotton Fabric, Electrical Insulation, Laminates, Tubes