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Keywords: Logistics, Supply Chain, Management Systems

IMPERIAL Logistics is a global transportation leader. As a multi-service provider, we offer a full range of services that include primary transport, secondary transport and multi-modal specific services on either a 3PL, 4PL and/or LLP basis. We move products from farms and points of origin to factories, from manufacturing plants to warehouses, from ports to distribution centres and between international, national and regional facilities. As a successful Logistics Service Provider (LSP), we help our customers manage a critical part of their supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively, while providing visibility and integration across multiple enterprises. Whether we establish a dedicated fleet, utilise sub-contractors or a mix of the two, we deliver high levels of service, reliability and control over your product movement to your end customers.

Superior track and trace systems ensure that we keep a close eye on cargo whether it’s national or cross-border transportation. Our specialised freight transportation expertise includes handling of ambient and temperature-controlled goods, liquids, pharmaceutical products, hazardous and non-hazardous goods including petrochemicals, construction and mining commodities among other.

We offer bulk value-added solutions, breakbulk and dedicated contract transportation, and operate national and international full truckloads (FTL) and less than truckloads (LTL) via road, rail and/or inter-modal transportation. Our inter-modal solutions provide us many options from which to choose and to ensure the most optimum landed costs.

Primary transportation
Part of IMPERIAL Logistics’ core service offering is primary and secondary transportation. With a large owned fleet, transportation vehicles, barges and pushboats as well as access to other modes of transportation, including air, sea and rail, we are a true multi-mode transportation service provider. We customise and offer solutions closely tailored to a wide variety of sectors and goods, ensuring the right mode of transportation while achieving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.Where it comes to road transportation, our dual pronged approach of owned fleet together with our expertise in sourcing and managing sub-contractors, delivers an optimal road transport solution, ensuring that products are delivered to the right place, at the right time and at the most optimum landed costs.We distinguish ourselves through service excellence, a personalised approach and continual feedback on the status of truck loads and shipments. We employ state-of-the-art Information and Transportation Management Systems (TMS) that allow total visibility and 24/7 tracking. Additional benefits rendered through our service offering include:
  • Fleet management – versatile fleet allowing flexibility, ensuring customers’ requirements are surpassed
  • Route planning and optimisation
  • Distribution network modelling
  • Extensive experience in delivering within time windows over long and short distances
  • Experience in handling fragile and high value goods
  • 24/7 internal and external monitoring of all cargo
  • Appropriate Transport Management System (TMS) – system integration providing total visibility
  • Goods In-transit insurance (GIT)

Secondary transportation (distribution)

Our secondary transportation services include delivery logistics of products from warehouses and distribution centres (DCs) to smaller DCs and customers. Delivery takes place within specified delivery periods. Our fleet comprises the complete range of vehicles, including taut liners, pantechnicons trailers, rigid vehicles, refrigerated trucks and the latest state-of-the-art ecoFridge in all shapes and sizes. Full truckloads (FTL) and less than truckloads (LTL)
Our transportation service offering include full truckloads and less than truckload deliveries. Through multiple logistical networks, we are able to collect goods (LTLs) from various points and consolidate freight into FTLs for primary transportation, achieving cost savings for customers involved. Dedicated transportation (outsourced distribution solutions)
We provide dedicated transportation with dedicated fleets, and where necessary specialised and purpose-built fleets to meet customer requirements. For new customers with existing fleets our processes often involve purchasing the customer’s fleet at an agreed market related price and then supplying a dedicated fleet of new vehicles that are correctly configured for the customer’s specific transportation and distribution requirements. As transportation patterns change over time we provide customers the flexibility of changing fleet configurations as required or integrating these with other solutions depending on whether synergies can be leveraged to develop combined route to market solutions.Specialised transportation
We specialise in the safe handling and transportation of liquids, hazardous products including fuels, gas, chemicals and specialised products such as cement, bitumen and acids throughout the greater southern African region. Transportation of these types of products requires specialised vehicles. With more than 50 years experience in this specialised market sector, we differentiate ourselves through customisation and meeting customers’ requirements and standards. For example, we have customised tanker combination to suit the needs of transporting molten chocolate in heated tankers, maintaining the integrity of the product from the pick-up point to off loading. In other instances, tankers have been compartmentalised in order to accommodate loads of varying nature and to optimise payloads while preventing contaminations.Safety is at the core of everything we do. We have a trained and qualified national SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality) team available in all regions and offer services to conduct route risk assessments, quality control and safety checks.

Cross border transportation

We are one of the leading transport providers in Africa. With an in-depth knowledge of African conditions, operations and requirements, we specialise in the transportation of a wide variety of products cross border across Africa. These products include petrochemicals, hazardous goods, mining products, agricultural commodities, steel and engineering products, general cargo, breakbulk and wet cargo, furniture, ambient and refrigerated products. We offer both consolidated and full truckload services. Our extensive footprint in Africa spans 14 countries including Angola, Botswana, DRC, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.Express freight
Despite technological advances in doing business, there is an ongoing need to transport physical goods and documents over short and long distances, as quickly as possible, making consolidation, distribution and express solutions important elements of logistics. With more than 3 000 centres across South Africa and global representation through our affiliation with the World Freight Network, we specialise in break bulk consolidation and small parcel, high speed delivery both locally and internationally. We are flexible and able to adapt quickly to changes in market conditions, addressing our customers’ needs in terms of security, tracking and committed delivery times, as well as providing features such as signature, specialisation and individualisation of services.Track & trace
Superior track and trace systems ensure that we keep a close eye on cargo whether it’s national or cross-border transportation. We employ world-class fleet management systems and satellite navigation providing real-time information and visibility, which allow our customers to be up to date with the status of shipments at any given time.State-of-the-art fleet
Our fleet comprises the complete range of vehicles, including taut liners, flat decks, pantechnicons trailers, rigid vehicles, tippers and refrigerated trucks. We continue to lead the logistics industry in environmental terms. Together with Mercedes Benz South Africa we have introduced Euro V engines in addition to utilising Euro III and IV engines in our vehicles. Furthermore, we have introduced the state-of-the-art ecoFridge. Three new semi-trailers and one rigid combination have been commissioned with the ecoFridge nitrogen system. The major benefit of the ecoFridge is no carbon emissions and no noise pollution. The trailers are designed to maintain three different temperature regimes in each trailer.

Keywords: distribution centres, Logistics, Logistics Service, Management Systems, Road Transport, Specialised Freight, Supply Chain

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