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Workplace evaluations and problem-solving

Dan is an excellent problem-solver.  As described in more detail in his and in the on this site, he focuses on low tech methods and solutions.  He has also developed a unique and powerful for those situations when rigor and documentation are required.  See and approaches to problem-solving.


On-site training

Dan is widely recognized for his training sessions.  Dan's presentations typically focus on innovation and creativity in addition to the technical issues of ergonomics.  Increased efficiency is also a recurring theme.  The core of training is based on .  On-site training usually involves classroom presentations in the morning followed by hands-on practice on the workplace floor in the afternoon.  Sessions are tailored for groups ranging from senior management to professional engineers to employee committees and teams.  See .


Program development

In most organizations, the ultimate goal is to efficiently integrate the ergonomics process into day-to-day work life.  Dan helps you determine the best way to set and meet your goal using the full strength of your organization’s culture and current initiatives.  See .


Customized training materials

Dan's generic training booklets are easy to customize to make them your own.  You can also license sections of his full length books to include in your corporate manuals.  See .


Industry-wide support and complex organizations

Dan can bring all his expertise to bear in working with industry groups and large complex organizations.  Past provide models for you.



Most projects usually involve site visits, but sometimes Dan can provide , such as by of your operations, then discussing issues and options by videoconferencing or ordinary telephone calls.


Product design and evaluation

Dan can assist in the design and evaluation of products, including laboratory studies as required.  See case examples of past .


Speaking engagements

Dan is an engaging and motivational speaker.  Conference presentations can focus on broad topics such as innovation and organizational change using his personal experience with ergonomics.


Please contact Dan for more information at (570-296-9651) or .

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