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By: Dmpro - Digital Media productions  02-23-2011
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Is a process used to produce all retail or larger quantities of CD and DVD products, these range from full feature film movies to software and games. This process is more of a , from scratch to a working CD or DVD title, this is called cd or dvd mastering, (Please see DVD Authoring.) The process starts by receiving a master. From the receipt of the master our various suppliers uses this master to create a glass master to create a stamper this gets inserted into a “polycarbonate injection mould machine or a discmaker machine” that then creates the final unprinted product, this is not dvd or cd copying but rather a mass replication prosess, thus each disc is a 100% copy of the original. DVDs and CDs, replicated are generally used for larger orders or when a high quality CD or DVD is needed.

The main benefits are that there are no burn errors, very high quantities can be achieved in a shorter space of time, the catalogue number, company info etc can be inserted on the inside of the disc, it looks like a small etch on the disc. So basically duplication can have errors, many times the player can overcome any of these small errors and replication the disc made is a clone of the original master.

We have negotiated with suppliers in and out of South Africa and thus can warrant the best possible prices to you, we will make sure all your orders are handled flawlessly from the injection process to the printers back into your hands, packed of course.

Another major note is that replicated discs have what we call a staking ring on CD’s this is an area where you cannot print on, so when ordering Replicated CDs please use the correct CD Cliché template

Keywords: digital, Productions

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