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By: Photography Unlimited  12-07-2012
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"Which of my Photographs is my favorite?
The one I'm going to take tomorrow."

~ Imogen Cunningham ~
Working as a Photographer became my dream shortly after I took my first photo with (now called) an old fashioned film camera.
It would take many years, numerous cameras and lots of self-study, courses, workshops, pestering those-in-the-know, and a meandering career path before I finally committed to full-time photography.
Since then, I have been fortunate to connect with many wonderful people, and sometimes animals, who have come to me for their portraits - people of all ages, most of them nervous and convinced that they are definitely not photogenic, and probably not very attractive. 
Together we create images that reflect their beauty, their personality and their style.
My world becomes a noisier playground when children and teenagers clatter in. Their energy, their laughter, their non-stop movement infuse my space and my self with joy and excitement, while the young models wanting to update their portfolios inspire me with their creativity and ambition. 
I spend time shooting portraits on location, whether for corporate or individuals, babies or pregnant women and, of course, weddings.
At other times, I hoist up my camera bag, shut the doors, and head out on a trip. Whether it's a road trip to somewhere in South Africa, or a long-haul flight to places I've never seen before: the mission is the same: to experience the world in all its shades of light and dark, and to show you what I saw. 

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