CTL Coal to Liquid

CTL Coal to Liquid from CTL COAL TO LIQUID

By: CTL COAL TO LIQUID  09-13-2010
Keywords: Diesel Fuel, CCT Clean Coal Technology, Coal To Liquid

CCT established an innovative, robust and low-risk indirect liquification process suitable for handling stranded coal and natural gas resources, as well as some alternative feedstock such as CBM and other waste gases. CCTSA offers a unique and robust process technology solutions for CTL, GTL and for using waste gases as feedstock.  This technology can be applied to Gas to Liquid (GTL), Coal to Liquid (CTL), as well as a new combined fed process (CFTL).  The technology offers reduced CO emission, reduced capital and operating costs, as well as simplicity of operation and ease of scalability for stranded, associated and main resource body resources. This scalability is achieved by a range of sizes in which the technology can be implemented.

Keywords: CCT Clean Coal Technology, cctsa, Coal To Liquid, Diesel Fuel, Fisher Tropsch FT Technology, waste gas to liquid,



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