Crime is like an illness

Crime is like an illness from Alwinco

By: Alwinco  01-11-2009
Keywords: Risk Assessment, Security Feasibility study, Security Risk Assessor,

Ever wondered why crime is so prevalent today, despite the abundant availability of sophisticated security technology?

In my experience, the most important step Security Risk Assessment in the creation of any safety and security process is often the step that is most often ignored. That is coupled with the thought that most South Africans have become too complacent and accepting of the ‘crime situation’ within our country; we console ourselves with the thought that ‘crime is one of those things we have to accept and live with.

’The following illustration will demonstrate what I mean when I say we are responsible for the present level of crime in our country:

You wake up one morning to find you are feeling sick.
However, instead of visiting a doctor, or Hospitale ...... you think you will cut costs by going directly to the pharmacist. You describe your symptoms and the pharmacist dispenses you some tablets.
Later you do feel better but those tablets don’t really help to cure you, despite you taking them religiously – as prescribed.

Why did that happen? Because you went to the pharmacist before visiting a doctor, who would provide you a proper diagnosis and prescription; you reversed the process. So maybe you still will need to visit the doctor, or Hospitale who will then prescribe other tablets – meaning you paid for two lots of medication for the same illness.

The same scenario applies to the way people usually attend to their security requirements.Crime is like an illness – it will not disappear overnight; however, if you were to consult a ‘crime symptom expert’ (professional risk assessor and security risk plan) that the right remedy for your situation may be determined; you will know what your actual crime prevention requirements (security plan) are before you approach a security.

You will then be empowered to understand what to ask of that company, to ensure your safety situation is effectively improved!
Should you approach the assessment of your security needs in this manner, you will not have to survive an attack on your safety, before discovering you were not properly covered to start off with.
As with illness – crime prevention is better than cure!I am sure you will agree with me when I say that the implementation of an effective security system stems from an indepth knowledge of security issues and that such knowledge can only be supplied by an expert in the field, not an alarm salesperson.

Before a problem can be confronted, the problem needs be identified. To that end a risk assessment and a plan of action need be conducted by a professional in that field.Read my company’s profile.

After reading that you will understand the procedure to follow to have Alwinco assist you establish an effective security system in accordance with your unique requirements.

Thank you

Keywords: Risk Assessment, Security Feasibility study, Security Risk Assessor,