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By: Mediskin and Laser Clinic  02-05-2010
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IPL and RF Combination: The Tango Aesthetic Machine

What is IPL?

-          IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which is a broad spectrum light that, when channelled using different crystal filters, enables hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatment.

-          A highly advanced computer regulates the energy output if the IPL machine, whilst the crystals regulates the wavelength, administering the correct exposure safely to any area if the body.

-          Un like traditional methods, IPL leaves the skin surfave of the skin undamaged. It also enhances the bodies own natural production of Collagen which in turn improves the condition of the skin by reducing wrinkles.

What is RF:

-           It is a form of electromagnetic energy: radio frequency electricity is passed through the sun to heat up tissue

-          This makes the tissue contract and stimulates the skin to make collagen just like in the case of a skin injury

-          It is a no ablative treatments as it targets the lower layers of the skin, while leaving the skin’s surface unharmed and intact.

Benefits of RF:

Used in conjunction with IPL it helps with long term hair removal for grey, red and blonde hair, and on darker skins(skin type 5 & 6)

IPL with RF is gentler in the skin by “sharing” the energy, the client dies not burn easily.

RF does not need melanin to absorb heat like IPL, it therefore helps in the reduction of grey and blonde hair.

Skin Conditions I can treat:

·          Rosacea – Redness or flushing of the cheeks and nose

·         Pigmentation

·         Sun damage

·         Spider veins – broken capillaries

·         Lines and wrinkles

·         Scar prevention and healing

·         Reduces hair growth on all skin types and hair colours

·         Prevent acne break outs

·         Elasticity and texture

·         Acne clearance

·         Face toning

·         Pore reduction

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Keywords: Anti Ageing, Beauty, broken cappillaries, IPL & RF, Laser Hair Removal,