business/ vendor vetting and risk profiling for government,private sector and individuals

business/ vendor vetting and risk profiling for government,private sector and individuals from Instant Asset Finance CC t/a INSTANT BUSINESS VETTING&PROFILING

By: Instant Asset Finance CC t/a INSTANT BUSINESS VETTING&PROFILING  10-11-2010
Keywords: Business Intelligence, Report Writing, business existence confirmation

Instant Business Vetting and Profiling is a vetting Company,specialising only in the Commerical field of vetting.Whe companies are in for a merger/investment/acquisition, contemplating supplying a new client with goods or services or experiencing problems with current or former vendor, all these situations have serious financialconsequences for your company or institution. Instant Business Vetting and Profiling offers:
Due diligence research ,Pre-trading reports, Background & Pre Employment Vetting,Company profile analysis ,possibleCorporate/commercial fraud which your possible business partners are involved with.The legal and financial standing of the company.
Our products will be beneficial to the following:1.Government institutions,whereby vendor tendering process is involved.governments has lost millions to failed projects due to incapacities and irresponsible service providers/vendors.Fact finding teams can be easily misled by companies and in turn the whole institution is misledd.we assist the government to know what they have to look for and we shall verify all the information as provided by these potential service providers/vendors. 2. Private sectors,business to business relations must be based on the truth and informed decisions,in this sector the CEO’s are quick to burn their hands should they lay their hands on wrong companies.Clients,services providers and business partners shall be profiled and vetted for a thorough inspection as millions cold be lost to wrong partners,clients or service providers. 3.Private individuals,individuals have been duped into scams e.g famous 411 scams which has gained way internationally.Possible business relations with certain companies can lead to loss of thousands if not millions of monies due to unreliable or fly -by night institutions without traceable addresses.Murders and kidnappins have been frequently reported due to this kind of companies.We shall verify all the companies prior to any legal dealings.

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