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By: Afriqcut  11-11-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, Raw Material, Structural Integrity

Advantages of water jet technology

Abrasive water jet cuts with micro-erosion, rather than shearing or heat, therefore producing cuts with exceptional edge quality without inducing heat-affected zone or mechanical stresses into the material. Raw material maintains there structural integrity and deburring and secondary operations are seldom needed.

- Materials, including reflective types such as brass and aluminum, of up to 100mm can be cut   effectively.

- No heat input eliminating any heat affected zones (HAZ) or distortion of material and micro   cracking.

- Heat sensitive materials such as plastics, rubber and composites can be cut.

- Brittle materials such as glass, tiles, bricks and stones can be cut.

- It is possible to cut small components with fine details.

- Superior cut quality without distortion is achieved compared to other processes.

- Holes with a diameter smaller than the material thickness can be produced.

- Secondary machining is possible directly on the cutting edge. Tapped holes are cut to drill size.

- Small kerf width and absence of heat allows for close arrangement of features on parts.

- CNC technology ensure that high level of accuracy (0.1mm) and repeatability can be   maintained.

Material Types

Acrylic - Alloys - Aluminum - Brass - Ceramic - Composites - Copper - Felt - Foam - Fiberglass - Formica - Gaskets - Glass - Granite - Inconel - Laminates - Leather - Marble - Plastics - Stainless steel - Steel - Stone - Titanium - Tungsten - Wood ..

Design Requirements

We can cut any 2D design in sheet material. The cutting process is computer numerically controlled to ensure a very high level of accuracy. We can work from your computer file, drawing or a sketch. However and electronic file in .dxf format is preferred of the part only, accompanied by a dimensioned drawing. Quantities and material specifications can be written on the dxf file or supplied in a spreadsheet format.

Keywords: Abrasive Water Jet, Raw Material, Stainless Steel, Structural Integrity,