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DMC Services

Tribal Meetings offers DMC services in the following areas:

Leisure Programs Incentive Programs Educational Programs Management / Coordination

Project (Itinerary) conceptualisation and research, detailed project planning and implementation, project management, liasing with client and service providers, negotiating services, research, sourcing, arranging and confirming (specialised) meetings / activites / experiences throughout South and Southern Africa.


Management of budget, negotiating costs and payments with service providers, structure payment schedules, financial reconciliation.


Complete logistics co-ordination, organising and managing airport arrivals / departures (transfers), day-to-day shuttling, educationals, selecting and securing appropriate vehicles, car hire, national and international flights, co-ordination through South and Southern Africa.


Sourcing and co-ordination of accommodation, securing special rates, VIP rooms, booking bed nights, all special arrangements, all payment arrangements.


Complete site-visit co-ordination, selection of sites with client, logistical co-ordination, guiding / specialised facilitation, site management.


Provision, booking and co-ordinaton of leisure travel options, facilitating tours for people with special needs, sourcing special interest tours in South and Southern Africa, touring co-ordination in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

PCO Services

Tribal Meetings offers the following services as a Professional Conference Organiser


Project conceptualisation and research, detailed project planning and implementation, overall project management, establish project assessment mechanisms, function as nucleus of communication and information, continuous reporting (to client), scheduled meetings, overseeing and liaising between service providers, negotiating services and service delivery, quality control and roll out leading up to execution.

Financial Co-ordination

Management of conference budget, negotiating finance with suppliers, supplier payments, payments schedules, budget forecasts, implement systematic delegate payments, process all payments, total financial reconciliation.

Sponsorship Co-ordination

Identify relevant sponsors, compile PR / Marketing plan, implementing sponsorship (marketing, exhibitions, signage), host sponsors, post event reporting (ROI) for sponsors.

Venue Arrangements

Overall venue management; venue sourcing, booking, payments, catering, ensuring room configurations and set-up as per client brief, audiovisual set-up and breakdown, technical backup, conference recording, on-site management and co-ordination, manning and co-ordinating registration, information and travel desks, secretarial assistance, simultaneous translation and interpretation, MC's, speakers, entertainment, parking, sponsorship visibility and branding, exhibition set-up and break down, parking, signage and security.

Socials / Dinners

Overall management and execution; venue selection, theme / décor conceptualisation, financial management, establishing programme / order of events, catering, venue dressing, décor, audio-visual, entertainment, seating arrangements, transport, media liaison, pre event marketing, RSVP's, set-up and break down.

Marketing / PR and Programme Development

Overall Marketing and PR Implementation and Co-ordination; multi-media conceptualisation, press releases, editorials, brochures, websites, press kits, advertising, corporate marketing collateral, journalists, photographers, videography, develop marketing material in line with audience / market, distribute marketing material, target relevant sources / database / media, logo design, web marketing and development, event branding conceptualisation, documentation, vehicle branding, venue branding, sponsorship branding.

Programme Development (in collaboration with client); programme conceptualisation, protocol, MC's, speakers, speaker liaison and support, entertainment, audio-visual requirements, call for papers, ensure speakers submit papers on time, assist speakers on site.


Development and implementation / distribution of delegate registration form, management, receipt, confirmation and processing of registration, processing delegate payments, establishing booking office, liase with delegates (communication & information), pre event registration and on-site registration, collating delegate information and periodically updating client and supplier who require information.


Sourcing accommodation, make reservations, negotiate special rates, VIP rooms, booking bed nights and facilitation of payment on behalf of delegates, confirm length of stay / room configuration, proximity to venue with delegates.


Source transport service providers, payment facilitation, total transport logistics co-ordination and management, airport transfers (meet & greet desk / services), venue-hotel shuttles, dinner / social event transport, transport schedule development and communication (signage), relevant signage to indicate position and schedule of vehicle on-site, national and international flights (speakers only), car hire for delegates.

Tours / Excursions and Site-Visits

Tours; accompanying persons tours, pre & post conference tours, children's tours, special needs tours, selection of touring possibilities (confirmed with client), execution of all travels as per delegates request.

Excursion and Site-visit coordination; selection, co-ordination, training and logistical set-up of technical site visits.

Gifts and Memorabilia

Production of delegate pack and special gift items in line with theme of conference, sourcing leisure material, lanyards, source special speaker and / or VIP gifts and distribute appropriately.

On-site Conference Management and Co-ordination

Print, Photostat and collate conference papers and documentation, overall administrative support, ensure each conference room is clean, well supplied with refreshments, peppermints and water, has correct seating layout, has correct equipment set up for speakers, ensure rooms are secure and that only delegates allowed into certain presentations enter, manage and co-ordinate the following:

The Registration Area The Travels and Tours Desk The Information Desk The Accommodation Desk Post Conference

Final Conference Report/s, financial reconciliation and audited accounts, report on financial management, document delegate research and feedback, final evaluation / closure meeting.

Kalksteenfontein School - Day Excursion 2011

Tribal Meetings has recognized their role as a company that not only helps to organize conferences and other events, but also as a socially responsible team. 

Annually, Tribal Meetings and Rutgers University Camden organize a day excursion for the pupils from Kalksteenfontein School. We spoil the kids for a day, as we either take them up to Table Mountain or other sights in Cape Town they usual do not get to experience and enjoy.DR. Julie Ruth of Rutgers University Camden, past students and Tribal Meetings cover all expenses, such as transportation costs and coverage of all fees.Our common goal is to entertain the pupils and hope to share a great time.

We want to say thank you to all participants and donations that made this day come true. We were rewarded with smiles and

enjoyed the day excursion 2011. 

The Tribal Team

Pictures can be found on

Lambano - HIV Baby Sanctuary

Lambano Sanctuary was founded in 2001 by Melanie Prinsloo.Melanie identified a great need for a family-based home for HIV/AIDS babies in South Africa. In 2001 she visited all the children's homes in the Gauteng Province and found that most of them were for abandoned babies with the view of adoption, but when the babies test HIV positive, most of the existing homes were not equipped to keep the babies.

We as Tribalmeetings want to support the Sanctuary and dedicate not only our direct help, but also motivate you to think about how you could contribute in making

life a little bit richer for the children of the sanctuary.

Further Information can be found on

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