By: Renexcon  12-29-2011
Keywords: Building & Construction, Home Construction, Industrial Construction

Construction planning

Before construction commences, Renexcon has the capability to accompany the entire life-cycle of any project. Our services before, during and after construction ideally complement the actual construction and project business.

This can include, for instance, all design and planning work–from obtaining the necessary official approvals through the preparation of a detailed concept for the building site logistics.


Smooth building site operations play a decisive role in ensuring project success. This is why Renexcon provides complete building site logistics–from initial planning through to the post-construction phase. It does so in the form of individual services or overall project management, as required. The company brings together everything needed for site installation, construction operation and the optimization of on-site work sequences.

Insurance services

Our service portfolio includes insuring projects and project risks. We offer all operational contractors and outside project partners customized insurance services. With this strategic addition to traditional construction business, we generate added value for Renexcon and thus for our clients as well. Building projects and all facility management services are insured.

This module includes property development – from design/planning and financing through marketing – either as a complete package or in the form of individual services. In South Africa, Renexcon experts develop state-of-the-art residential and commercial properties.

Client-oriented service spectrum

We address our clients actively and identify their needs. In personal discussions and throughout the process of partnership-based cooperation we demonstrate our expertise and professionalism.

We offer our clients convincing purpose-designed and comprehensive services along the entire value chain of construction.

We take a beginning-to-end view of our projects and take the overall life cycle of our buildings into consideration.

We achieve the leading position in competition thanks to the excellence of what we provide. To ensure this excellence, we always cooperate with the best partners. We play an active role in shaping the markets of today and tomorrow and with our innovative products and services we set new standards.

Residential buildings

Renexcon carries out all forms of residential building across Gauteng – from the modest to the massive. We lead the way in developing new building techniques, designs and fitting out, in close liaison with architects and clients.

Dependent on the extent and nature of the project, we use our process management tools to ensure that the project keeps to both budget and schedule.

We have in-house production of all forms of concrete work, and building trade departments for joinery and masonry. We also collaborate with external contractors, which specialize in steel constructions, glass and aluminium, and much more.

We assemble the team to fit the task. Renexcon constructs residential buildings which provide for the whole family's needs – with light, air and modern facilities. Most of our work involves multi-storey buildings, cluster or semi-detached houses, but we also build architect-designed dwellings with unique, sculptural expressions.

 Renexcon has a large portfolio of residential buildings references which support our competencies.

Office buildings

A typical challenge is to create a building that reflects the company's products and identity – and the owner's and architect's visions.

We also ensure that the building delivers the best value in relation to price, durability and quality. We also attach great importance to supplying buildings with a healthy indoor climate and an inspiring working environment.

Production & storage

We also build production and storage facilities, such as high-rise warehouses, or lower height facilities with loading ramps and conveyors for receipt and dispatch of goods.

We can also handle extensions or conversions of your existing production premises.


Renexcon builds new and extends facilities for the transport sector, including concrete foundations, loading ramps, and climate and transport plants.

Public sector buildings

We build and refurbish many public sector buildings, including institutions and teaching facilities. Our experience covers everything from kindergartens, schools and teaching centres to hospitals, clinics and healthcare centres.

Culture & sports

Renexcon has broad experience in alterations, refurbishment and construction. Often our clients are very choosy over collaboration partners for refurbishment or alteration of cultural institutions such as churches or museums. Here our experience with highly demanding refurbishment tasks is particularly important.

 The same applies, but in a slightly different way, when we build sports facilities. It is essential that we not only have the right professional competencies, but are also able to enter into dialogue with users to incorporate the special needs and wishes they have.

Refurbishment and Alterations

Renexcon has a strong reputation and full in-house expertise in refurbishment and alterations. We handle the contract management and put together the right team for the task - whatever the size of the project.

A new facade can give a business a completely new life when combined with interior modernization. Adding an extra floor during roof renovation can give an apartment building complete new quality. Our experienced refurbishment staff is happy to help find the right solution.

Project Development

It is in the close cooperation and open dialogue on developing the building project that Renexcon really adds value. Whether the client already has a building site and a project - or simply tells us what the needs.

Renexcon’s broad network and technical expertise will contribute to an optimized solution.

On the basis of our experience from earlier projects, we can often suggest options that can add value for the client.

Renexcon has well-located building sites all over Gauteng. We take care of all the practical problems in connection with the building project - and cooperate with leading architects on the project design.


At Renexcon, quality means doing the job right the first time. We've always delivered quality work, and we are continually striving to improve our performance through new initiatives.

We work in partnership with sophisticated customers who value the highest levels of quality, safety and technical expertise. Our skills are applied in appropriate combinations to meet individual customer need.

Keywords: Building & Construction, Commercial Construction, Home Construction, Industrial Construction