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By: Bold Online Marketing  05-12-2015
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Google AdWords, also known as Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is a digital form of advertising whereby your potential customers search for services & products relating to what you offer, on Google. By running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign we can strategically place you exactly where you customers roam the net. YOUR AUDIENCE:- No matter how small, big or competitive your niche is, we will get you noticed. A user’s search psychology can be tricky but we get that. We’ll define your audience’s search pattern and how to capture them. THEIR EXPERIENCE:- Users get bombarded by ads each day but the trick lies in identifying the right way to engage them. We identify what encourages them to click on you, giving you the competitive advantage. Also, taking many factors into consideration such as irrelevant clicks, site hoppers with no buying-intention. OUR STRATEGY:- Whether it is aggressive, generating sales leads or branding, we will design a strategy that will drive conversions. Together with your insights we will establish the best form of entry into your niche. I.e. Search, Mobile or Branding. THE IMPLEMENTATION:- We have never believed in taking an expensive “shotgun approach”. Building successful campaigns takes research, experience and a generous dash of common-sense. We understand that a campaign is “alive” and had to be nurtured on a daily basis. Already running a campaign? – Having a sneaky suspicion that your campaign is not performing as best it can? This is nothing new to us. We analyse your campaign and identify how to improve it. Only ever done traditional marketing? – Contrary to popular belief, Print media will never die! Though some of our clients have seen the benefit & high ROI in digital advertising and migrated completely, others still continue but use digital advertising as a supplement to their current strategy.

Keywords: google-adwords

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Online Video Production

YouTube Videos as a marketing tool is still in its infancy here in South Africa, but the country is catching on fast. The speed of our broadband Internet has increased and with 24 909 854 Million internet users in South Africa and this number to increase 14% a year, having an online presence has never been more important.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines specifically seek out websites with the most relevant content, matched to what people are searching for. It’s our job to index your website into these Search Engines, allowing them to easily locate and recognize your website as a credible source of information. It is important that many “health checks” are carried-out on your website, errors are fixed and that many of the “secret ingredients” are present. In South Africa SEO services are under-rated and often thought to be irrele


Business Social Media

Social Media is an excellent form of directly engaging with your audience and boosting awareness. It is vital to have a communication strategy ensuring people visit, like, engage & stay. That’s where we come in. We place ourselves in the audience’s shoes


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is vitally important to your Website. Through utilising this tool, we can measure & dissect the performance of your Google AdWords Campaign, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Website, universally. It allows us to see how visitors engage with you, what they like and what they don’t. Once we identify the action-points, we start adjusting.


Campaign Management

Now your campaign has been refined and built, what now? We love it and feed it! A Google AdWords campaign is “alive” and we take our creations seriously. We diligently assess and improve your campaigns performance. We consider this the most critical element in your campaign. Although we would like to divulge the juicy details, we’ll keep it basic for now…


Landing Page Design

Often our clients already have a fully functional website but unfortunately not very PPC friendly. We will design a page for your site to which the traffic will be directed. The landing page design will fit perfectly with your corporate identity so no confusion may arise. The Landing Page can either be directed to it’s own domain or can be added as a page to your existing website.

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Website Maintance

Although we design websites that are easily managed and updated (CMS) there is still functionality that needs the attention of a seasoned developer. We know that our clients are too busy to “faff” on websites, trying to make it do what they want it to do. Hence we provide Website Maintenance as a service – be it to update new content or maintain the integrity of the site.

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Website Design

Your company’s website is where your customers learn more about your company, what you offer and what sets you apart. Imagine your website design being a virtual version of your business. We make the website design process as streamlined as possible taking the load off you so you can focus on your business.