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By: Fescalo Online CRM & Subscription Management  03-04-2010
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One of the hallmarks of browser based CRM software is that it can be used for both internet and intranet, making the application accessible from any place at any time, thereby offering a flexible business environment. Online software can be used for many functions and business processes amongst CRM, Contract Management, Rental Management, Document Management, Invoice Management etc.

Examples of such online modules can be found at .

The trick with online, web-based, CRM is to provide a high quality user interface. Many web based software products provide a despondent experience for many users, especially compared to the common desktop applications. The end-user therefore must have a modern professional and intuitive interface but with all the features and benefits of traditional stand-alone applications.

In most cases an application runs on one dedicated server (either in the local office network or remotely via internet), while typical workstations can be located anywhere. Since all system output (business logic, interfaces and functions) is delivered from the server in real-time, it makes the management and maintenance of the application efficient and centralized, since local- or remote workstations are not affected by changes to the application itself. Every workstation can access the application immediately without any installation, by simply using a modern web browser.

Almost all organizations will sooner or later be subjected to changes in their IT infrastructure, either through hardware upgrades, new installations, software patching or modification in operating systems. In addition many companies want an environment that interconnects with many different kinds of computers and devices.

To overcome operational interruptions regarding uptime, maintenance and stability, a browser based application can be designed to work on any system version and office environment and doesn't require any adjustments or tweaking because of reliance to a specific platform. For this reason it is essential to avoid tying functionalities to any particular OS or platform, and is therefore not subjected to hardships if platforms are to be changed later.

Moreover it will minimize costs and time to develop and deploy applications on multiple platforms. It is common that many applications are supported only on one platform in order to reduce the cost involved in supporting multiple platforms.

Moving to an online environment regarding online web based applications is therefore easy and with less risk to your existing IT communications, network and performance.

Keywords: CRM, Erp

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