Liposuction of Chin and neck

By: Dr. Mike Henry ,Fourways  10-08-2012
Keywords: Fourways, chin liposuction, Vaser liposelection

Chin and neck remodelling by liposuction of excess chin and neck fat using Vaser liposelection to first separate fat from surrounding blood vessels and nerves followed by suction removal, virtually bloodlessly, of the excess fat via small incisions. Performed virtually painlessly under strong sedation and local anaesthesia. Compression chin strapping postop is vital to enable the skin to bind firmly to the underlying chin and jaw line. The Vaser sonar energy causes some skin tightening and retraction. Profiling of the features may require chin augmentation with a tissue filler as well as liposuction of jowels. Dr. Mike henry is based in Port Elizabeth but also operatesat a clinic in Fourways. Please submit pics via email for a free feasability comment and rough cost estimate. "non-invasive" lipo technologies can never rival these results, despite all the marketing hype. Prices range from R14 000 to R20 000 if peformed in Port Elizabeth . Add an additional R 10 000 if done in Fourways.

Keywords: Chin Augmentation, chin liposuction, Dr.Mike Henry, Fourways, Vaser liposelection,

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