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By: Lisa Raleigh Weightloss and Wellness Clinic Jhb  11-08-2010
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 Wellness Inc at The Lisa Raleigh Weightloss and Wellness Programme in Johannesburg offers a divine body wrap which enhances weight loss, exacerbates the effect of a work out and helps you to shed centimetres immediately, while tightening the skin at the same time... This pamper session starts with a dry body brush to boost the body’s circulation, promote detox and remove dry or dead skin cells. Dreamweigh’s Meltaway Cream is then massaged into the body to assist with cellulite removal and promote the breakdown of fat cells in the body. For the cynics- this does not cause you to lose weight, and you are not necessarily going to see kilograms fall off the scale instantly. What it does is move the contents of your fat cells into your bloodstream so that the fat can be metabolised by the body. The proverbially stubborn fat-storing areas, such as the thighs, buttocks, hips, legs and stomach are then wrapped very tightly in a plastic wrap. The pressure of the wrap is what is responsible for reducing the size of the fat chambers in problem areas. You should leave the wrap on for an hour, and try to keep yourself as warm as possible, to boost the body’s natural instinct to detox through perspiration. Body wraps are the ideal complement to a balanced eating plan and regular exercise, but you will see and feel the results immediately through centimetre loss and skin tightening effects. The process is revitalising, as fat that was once stored unused is now available as an energy source for the body. The Lisa Raleigh Weightloss and Wellness Programme in Johannesburg recommends body wraps weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for optimal results. And, at only R130 per session, it’s definitely worth a try!

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