By: Fat Budgie Telecoms  10-17-2012
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In the current economic climate, and withcustomers more willing than ever to shop around for products or services, firstimpressions have never been more important.

Today a missed call could mean a missedcustomer, and losing a call in your office’s switchboard system, or a poorlyanswered or managed call, could see an existing customer reluctant to callagain. Ensuring you can communicate effectively, reliably and effortlessly isessential to remaining ahead of your competitors and building a professionalbrand.

If you can do so while also reducingcosts, your bottom line is sure to benefit: It’s a case of identifyingsolutions that reduce your overheads, capex and/or debt. And a good place tostart is your telephony system.

Through using alternatives to traditionallandline options, SME’s are able to significantly reduce their monthly phonebills and reduce their exposure to the debt or capex required to equip theoffice. This is where tailored Cloud solutions are able to assist companies inreducing this monthly financial strain on a business’s capital.

A Cloud-based PBX solution can be scaledto fit the needs of businesses of any size while offering all of the benefitsof conventional PBX systems and more, at a fraction of the cost, and without disruptingexisting systems.

Because the Cloud does not bear thelimitations of a location based PBX, a business can have all it’s nationalbranches on one Cloud PBX.  Inter-branchcompany calls act as internal extensions, regardless of where branches are inthe country, which means all branch-related calls are free.

Moving your communications into the cloudgives you real-time control over system functionality via a personal webinterface, control over scale and costs with the ability to scale up down orcancel with 30 days notice, while saving your business on call costs with trueper second billing.

Traditional private branch exchange (PBX)systems are expensive to purchase, to maintain and upgrade, but have been anecessary evil in order to promote a professional “big business” image. With acloud PBX, even a tiny business can enjoy all the features of a world-class PBXwithout the costs or risks.

This makes cloud offerings ideal forcompanies of any size, from sole proprietors, lawyers, doctors and accountantsto entrepreneurs or small- and medium-sized enterprises.

“With Fat Budgie’s Cloud PBX solutions,yourextensions and elements which previously required a technician can now beremotely accessed and managed from the cloud,” says John Woollam, ChiefOperations Officer of Fat Budgie, a cloud-based PBX company. “This saves youservice call outs and gives you the flexibility to change services or even moveoffices without any interruptions to your connectivity. With a cloud-serviceyou get a big business’s system at a small business’s price. And because cloudservices are scalable immediately, a solution can be adapted to meet the needsof a business as it grows, providing security and peace of mind in the processand mitigating the risks of ownership. Because we provide month on monthsolutions, gone are the days of tying yourself into lengthy contracts andinvesting in on-site bulky equipment. In addition, our solutions can beinstalled from scratch or serve as an upgrade to an existing PBX system, withno additional charge for equipment and no start-up costs”.

A dedicated data connection (like an ADSLline, a diginet link or a broadlink antenna) and a compatible telephone is allthat’s needed and a company needn’t interrupt its existing services or changeits contact details. The transition to the cloud is seamless. Cloud-basedofferings include the auto attendant, call forwarding and call waitingfunctionality expected from a PBX system, with the additional benefits ofconferencing, voicemail sent to your email inbox, and call recording.

A Cloud PBX is a must consideration for acompany that is either starting up, moving office, is nearing the end ofcontract on an old PBX or is growing and changing to the extent that they areneeding to make costly upgrades to their current PBX.

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