Crystal Healing

By: ReikiGauteng Holistic Healing Academy  09-14-2011
Keywords: Massage Therapy, Natural Healing, Reiki

Crystal Massage is based on both traditional massage techniques and Reiki techniques, using the vibrational healing energies (geomagnetism) in the crystals to gently support the body’s own energies. Crystal Massage differs from standard massage in that no physical manipulation is undertaken and the whole session is undertaken fully-clothed.


The ‘Laying on of Stones’ is an ancient healing art, which works on all levels of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.Suitable crystals are placed on and around the clothed body in order to activate, cleanse, balance and support the subtle and physical body’s natural healing ability.

Crystal Reiki Foot Massage  is based on the concept that the foot reflects a map of the holistic person – the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  The session is centred on working with traditional reflex points, with the vibrational healing energies (geomagnetism) of crystals in conjunction with Reiki to promote health, relaxation and to aid healing.  

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